The Royal Mess

The Royal Mess By MaryJanice Davidson, The Royal Mess Jeffrey Rodinov is descended from one of the oldest families in Alaska and a Rodinov has been protecting a Baranov for generations It s a job Jeffrey takes VERY seriously Six feet four inches fa
  • Title: The Royal Mess
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson
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  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Royal Mess By MaryJanice Davidson, Jeffrey Rodinov is descended from one of the oldest families in Alaska, and a Rodinov has been protecting a Baranov for generations It s a job Jeffrey takes VERY seriously Six feet four inches, 220 fatless lbs black hair, and blue eyes weapon of choice the 9 mm Beretta In a pinch His fists IQ 157 Yes, crossword puzzle, in ink, just after taking out the guy behiJeffrey Rodinov is descended from one of the oldest families in Alaska, and a Rodinov has been protecting a Baranov for generations It s a job Jeffrey takes VERY seriously Six feet four inches, 220 fatless lbs black hair, and blue eyes weapon of choice the 9 mm Beretta In a pinch His fists IQ 157 Yes, crossword puzzle, in ink, just after taking out the guy behind you No thanks necessary No one ever sees Jeffrey Rodinov coming, and no one not even a mouthy, illegitimate princess is going to keep him from playing bodyguard when his king decrees it Right But no Rodinov ever had to protect Princess Nicole Krenski Her credentials Hunting guide in the Alaskan wilderness Smart Stubborn bordering on exasperating Five seven Blue eyes Very kissable mouth Very kissable neck, back, legs, wrists, earlobes The lady says she doesn t need a bodyguard, but that s where she s wrong Someone needs to watch her and show her the royal ropes and cuffsd scarves Someone who can make her feel like a queen in and out of bed And that s a job Jeffrey Rodinov takes very seriously as well In this deliciously sexy, wickedly funny companion to The Royal Treatment and The Royal Pain, a reluctant princess and a determined royal bodyguard are about to discover that when it comes to powerful love, there are no defenses
    The Royal Mess By MaryJanice Davidson,
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      114 MaryJanice Davidson
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      MaryJanice Davidson is an American author and motivational speaker who writes mostly paranormal romance, but also young adult and non fiction She is the creator of the popular Undead series and is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author She writes a bi weekly column for USA Today A Writer s Life and lives in St Paul with her family You can reach her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter MaryJanice s Facebook page facebook maryjanicedavcmillan author maryja

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    1. For some reason, I really disliked book 2 in this trilogy The Royal Pain , but I enjoyed this one Didn t laugh in book 2, but the humor returned for me with this potion of the story I also liked the heroine better and appreciated interaction with the royal family In that respect, it was closer in feel to book 1, and I believe that is why I found the story to be funny again.

    2. Jeffrey and NicoleKing Alexander, before he married Dara and we never quite hear the full story just the rumors and a few comments of the king , feeling under pressure to this arranged marriage, had a 2 week fling with an American bar maid and they left amicably, and he married Dara and 30 years later, when the bar maid died, she left in her will the information of Nicole father, and asked her to contact him which she did via a letter.Nicole was drawn to Alaska, and her fun job was with a fishin [...]

    3. This is the second book I read by MJ Davidson and it will be my last I also read Really Unusual Bad Boys it was a really unusually bad book.The characters in The Royal Mess were stupid, rude, nasty, over the top I had no idea how anyone could love anyone The relationship between Princess Nicole and body guard Jeffrey could have been good, but it was never really developed All of a sudden they were in love how when and most of all, why There was a lot of cursing in the book and although it did no [...]

    4. The first book of the series is still my favourite This one wasn t about any of the royal family members mentioned in the first two I was a little disappointed Nicole turns out to be King AL s first born although illegitimate daughter Knocking Prince David out of the running as Crown Prince I love the character Chris from the first book but in this one she was very cartoonish which I didn t like Alex and Shel are only briefly mentioned It was still funny, and sexy but didn t have the oomph the f [...]

    5. At first the dialog of the family was funny, then it just became annoying Imagine if the Osbournes became royalty.

    6. Unlike most alternate history I ve read, the Royal Mess is not meant to be a serious exploration of how one event, changed, can affect the world It s just meant to be fun The premise is that Alaska rebelled against Russia and became an independent nation And this reimagined Alaska is ruled by a loud mouthed, eccentric, brash, and good hearted royal family, now rocked by the news that the king has a bastard daughter also loud mouthed, eccentric, brash, and good hearted who is first in line for th [...]

    7. I didn t like the beginning, and I didn t like all the beauty of their Baranov Blue eyes, but I think I liked everything else But I ve read three of this authors books in one week and I think I ll give her style a rest for a while I do believe sudden relationships can happen successfully mine is 28yrs old but it seems to be her standard plot device.

    8. Your life doesn t run you You run your life Though I was hoping one of the Baranov boys would get their romance novel leading role, I was still happy with it being Jeffrey Poor thing always taking care of everyone.Quirky, cute, sexy, funny, and romantic this is MJD at her best.

    9. Madcap, completely implausible, with characters who change their minds willy nilly, but still a lot of fun My second time reading this, so it can t be all bad.

    10. This series is too funny to end I wish the author writes books because these books made me laugh out loud and fall in love

    11. This is the MJD style I remember fondly Cute, sweet, ridiculous stories that make me laugh And make me want to punch someone.MJD has two character templates dry, droll, long suffering figures balanced against loud, outrageous, good hearted yet violent ones It s a formula that deprives some characters of individuality But when all you re seeking is endearing popcorn fun, that aspect doesn t really matter.It also makes it much easier to dive back into a series whether it s been a few months or, in [...]

    12. 3.5 5 Also available on my blog So, I kind of love MaryJanice Davidson I have, somewhat slowly, been getting through her books, and while I m trying not to do it too fast, I just want to read them so badly, and I usually finish them to quickly I have not read any in a while, and just got a couple , so we ll see how fast those go by.While I have finished her Mermaid series, and have not been able to find the next Vampire Betsy book, I have been pretty much picking up whichever book of hers I can [...]

    13. Yuck I hated it I rushed the reading as much as possible to get it over with.A reviewer for Romantic Times described the book as follows crude, quick language and Readers will delight in the everybody s thinking it style statements made by the characters I did not enjoy the crude language at all Two examples follow Nicole s mother had died of cancer and Nicole took care of her before she died Christina asked you took care of her Nicole replied No, I slammed her a__ in a nursing home Another exam [...]

    14. The Royal Mess is the third novel in Davidson s Alaskan Royal Family series If you ve read and enjoyed the first two, this one will also be a fun read If you are familiar with the Betsy Vampire books, this story is similar in tone but without the supernatural angle The story is fun, because it involves the what ifout of the blue you find out you are royalty And this really, really hot guy lives to protect you The story is a fun read that is perfect for the beach or lawn chair In it, Nicole Krens [...]

    15. This is the last or next to last book in a series, I can t say for sure as I ran into this book by accident I thought that I had all of MaryJanice s books, but after finding this one, I guess I don t Nicole s mother has just died and her last request was for Nicole to write to her biological father of that fact Up to this point Nicole has never known who is was She write the letter and then the fun begins I really had to laugh on this one and think that Nicole really could really roll with the p [...]

    16. This one hangs together better than the previous two entries in the series The humor is the same, the romance is slightly believable, and the main character is interesting than either Christina or Alex There are still some problems view spoiler Holly Bragon s relationship with the king strikes me as abusive than romantic, even when it s played for laughs hide spoiler , but it s a good way to pass the time.In her afterword the author states that this will be the last book in the series, which [...]

    17. I liked the third and purportedly final book in Davidson s Alaskan royalty series In this alternative reality where Alaska is a country all its own King Al finds out that he has another child in the illegitimate Nicole Krenski Nicole is reluctant to join the royal family but soon finds herself falling for her bodyguard Jeffrey Davidson s books are always light and fluffy and so short and fast that your gasping for breath by the end of it Nicole is the usual Davidson heroine a variation on the fo [...]

    18. I won this book in a giveaway I was torn between 2 stars and 3 starsI d really like to give it 2.5 stars The story had a cute and quirky concept, but I felt it was poorly delivered The characters fell flat and were way over the top I was expecting this book to be funny and a bit crass, but it just fell short of the mark The concept of Alaska being its own country and run by inappropriate royals sounded like funbut the execution wasn t there I understand that this is a part of a trilogy, so maybe [...]

    19. This is another book in the series which deals with an alternative history, one where Alaska did not become a U.S state but became a separate country.A country with a King the Queen is dead , and a whole bunch of Princesses and Princess.Who are all pretty much bonkers Start raving bonkers And thoroughly delightful.In this book in the series, it s revealed that, before the King had gotten married, he had fathered a child by another woman A girl who is now the first in line for the throne.That s N [...]

    20. The concept of Alaska as a country is interesting and the plot element certainly could make a good book, but it was surprisingly quite boring Way too much dialogue and a lot of crude language that does not help make a plot Nothing wrong with a happy sappy book, I guess, but it seriously is way too over the top with everyone being okay with whatever goes on and no one ever seeming to really have any emotions I know it is probably stereotypical and romance novels maybe can have an actual plot, but [...]

    21. Nicole Krenski und Jeffrey Rodinov sind zwei sehr interessante Charaktere mit viel Starrsinn Charmant ist vor allem der Anfang des Buches, bei dem die k nigliche Familie einige interessante Auftritte hat Der Bodyguard ist ein sehr pflichtbewusster und sympathischer Mensch, der leider dennoch ein wenig blass bleibt.Eine sehr interessante neue Nebenfigur verleiht dem Buch aber den n tigen Pep.Insgesamt ist der dritte Band der Reihe zugleich auch der schlechteste, obwohl die Bonusgeschichte wieder [...]

    22. Why read Finishing up the trilogyWhat impressed me I loved revisiting with the family and all their kooky ways The Alaskan Royal family series is awesome with alternative history details and great humor, and The Royal Mess absolutely follows the trend.What disappointed me The Royal Mess isn t the end of the trilogy as much as a companion novel to the two previous books It was disappointing to read about a romance between a new couple as opposed to someone already in the family.Recommended Yes, b [...]

    23. Nicole discovers she is the illegitimate daughter of the Alaskan king from her dying mother and contacts him to satisfy her However, she is not eager to join this raucous family, although her sexy new bodyguard Jefrey certainly isn t difficult to take in.This was a whirlwind book, and not necessarily in a good way It seems that things are rushing along the whole book takes about a week It simply feels incomplete, although it still can be enjoyable Nicole is a less likable version of Christina wh [...]

    24. SPOILER ALART So compared to the others I was a little disappointed in this one That s not to say I didn t love it but there were aspects that bothered me The Dragon, I can t stand the Dragon She irritates the hell out of me Two, I didn t want to know about Prince Nicky It was one thing to speculate and quite another to have it confirmed and Three where did my haiku speaking prince go It is very sad to think my favorite royal will not have his own book But all in all it was good for a few hours [...]

    25. I didn t enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed The Royal Treatment, but it was still extremely funny The dialog was so quotable that even my husband enjoyed parts of it It was an odd story for me in general as everything seemed to line up too quickly and was wrapped almost too nicely at the end Of course, it s just a fun beach book chick lit book, so I m not complaining too much It was a lovely way to spend a few hours of my day.

    26. Another great book in a series that I will be sad to see the end of We continue in the series with Nicole who writes a letter to the king explaining that she is his daughter I loved that we had lots of the funny comments that made the first two books great I liked reading about Nicole and Jeffrey as they fell for each other I did not enjoy it as much as the first two books but it was still a good read even as a re read xxx

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