Easy Connections

Easy Connections By Liz Berry, Easy Connections No exams No boring holiday work Just two blissful weeks painting in the country then art college at last Just paint paint paint Cathy Harlow is a gifted painter She is seventeen and three glorious
  • Title: Easy Connections
  • Author: Liz Berry
  • ISBN: 9780954886400
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Easy Connections By Liz Berry, No exams No boring holiday work Just two blissful weeks painting in the country then, art college at last Just paint, paint, paint Cathy Harlow is a gifted painter She is seventeen and three glorious years at art college stretch blissfully ahead of her.But when she meets Paul Devlin, lead guitarist of the rock group Easy Connection and a millionaire super No exams No boring holiday work Just two blissful weeks painting in the country then, art college at last Just paint, paint, paint Cathy Harlow is a gifted painter She is seventeen and three glorious years at art college stretch blissfully ahead of her.But when she meets Paul Devlin, lead guitarist of the rock group Easy Connection and a millionaire superstar her dreams are shattered Dev is beautiful, brilliant, and explosively violent Cathy is attracted and repelled in equal measure, but Dev is determined to have her, and Dev usually gets what he wants Easy Connections is a powerful and compelling novel, a love story with a difference, set against a vivid background of art school and the larger than life world of successful rock stars.
    Easy Connections By Liz Berry,
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      Liz Berry

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    1. Liz Berry

      Liz Berry was born and lives in London She worked in offices, magazines, politics and for a well known examination body, before becoming a careers guidance advisor, helping young people plan their futures and finding employment opportunities for them Then, for twenty two years, she was Head of Art in an East London Comprehensive school.At the same time she started and ran the East London Gallery for four yearsLiz Berry is an artist in oils and mixed media She also makes experimental embroidered textiles She exhibits her work mainly in London and southeast England and sells her paintings through Gallery 41.

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    1. This book has become a cult classic in a way and is marketed to young adults Yes, the subject of rape is controversial, but the way the author handles it is very wrong and plain disturbing Berry makes it okay to rape a young girl because the rapist is a handsome rich rock star And when her brother agrees that the victim wanted it and calls her a whore, this is when this book gets thrown against the wall It all starts when 17 year old Cathy Harlow is drawing cows in a field She wants to become a [...]

    2. First published in 1983, this novel met with great controversy because of the subject matter and to this day opinions are greatly divided between disgust and admiration Cathy is a talented artist and has won a place at Art College but before she gets there she inadvertently trespasses on the land of a renowned rock star when staying with her policeman brother whose home backs on to the land What comes to pass is shocking and unexcusable and the basis of the story, though seen in many different w [...]

    3. This is an explanation about Easy Connections Easy Freedom from Liz Berry s website the author Easy Connections, intended to show the disastrous effects that a single act of mindless violence could have on everyone concerned, including the guilty person, was published in the UK in l983 to ferocious criticism and controversy and almost hysterical attacks Westminster Council home of the most notorious case of political corruption in two hundred years banned it from their public libraries I think a [...]

    4. Cathy Harlowe is a young artist, only 17 and just out of high school, staying with her brother in the country before going into art school She doesn t realize she is trespassing on the property of Paul Devlin Dev , from the band Easy Connections Apparently he s beautiful, like some kind of elven god, and throughout the book he and his bandmate Chris seem to put everyone into a spell with how dangerous and alive they are Cathy is attracted and repelled in equal measure When they meet Dev is high [...]

    5. I read this when I was a teenager, excited to read it because I had my own rock star fantasies As others have noted, it was marketed as young adult fiction, but the book holds up for me as an adult There IS controversial subject matter, the rape, of course, but also the way everyone else in Cathy s world reacts to what happens to her All of the other characters reactions to the rape are arguably as controversial as the rape itself I find the way events play out in the story to be very real, espe [...]

    6. I read this some time back in the early 90 s and had conflicting emotions about it, and this prompted me to seek it out again recently.It s quite a frustrating read, for the reasons mentioned in many of the reviews here the rape, followed by what can only described as a forced marriage but still strangely intriguing enough for me to pick up a copy of the sequel which I must say I preferred as the main character seemed to grow a bit of a backbone.

    7. Re read Dec 2015 EASY CONNECTION and EASY FREEDOM must be read together.It amazes me how, when much younger, I was so moved by Cathy and Dev s relationship in EASY CONNECTION It seemed unbearably romantic A beautiful, talented, all powerful man driven crazy by love for a young ingenue sigh This round, the relationship seemed UNBEARABLY UNFAIR, a nightmare a young and very naive girl in an emotionally volatile relationship with a powerful predatory charismatic stalker bent on having her in his li [...]

    8. Berry s Easy Connections and Easy Freedom novels involve a young girl s involvment with a rock star in the 80s I personally found some of the plot pretty disturbing the musician essentially forces her into a relationship, both physically and psychologically and the characters to be unrealistic However, this book has something of a cult following I would recommend Berry s novel, Mel, which is much enjoyable and the characters are realistic not TOO realistic Mel involves a famous musician but do [...]

    9. Cathy is an aspiring artist in her late teens when she unexpectedly meets an incredibly attractive rock star, Dev Their relationship is violent, manipulative, and distorted, although he appears to genuinely love her, and some readers are alienated from the book because of his violence to Cathy While I too find it disturbing that did not prevent me from being very interested in the characters, and I would like to read the newly available sequel.Although this is billed as a YA novel, it could be d [...]

    10. I started reading this in the 80 s and am constantly drawn back to it I am currently awaiting the follow up book as I don t recall if I have read it or not I don t believe it s justifying rape because of money, it s showing a manipulation But it also shows how Cathy tries as hard as she can but shows how easily even loved ones can be bought and paid An interesting read I do love Cathy s character

    11. l have read this a few times over the years always find myself drawn to it I love the characters the compelling chemistry between them, it radiates off the page.

    12. I no longer love this book, at all In the context of when it was written and when I read it at a young age, it made sense, it worked We are talking about a book that was released in the early, early 80s and I read it sometime in the early 90s in middle school What we understand today about rape and sexual harassment is completely different than that time, not to mention that so many books from the 70s 80s actually revolved around romantic rape fantasies Check out the early works of Johanna Linds [...]

    13. I discovered this book during a reading class at high school I loved it so much I eventually ended up walking off with it unintentionally I was so absorbed It deals with some rather unpleasant topics and is not pro rape as I see a few reviews condemn it as being What it is, is a complex novel which delves into the many dark grey areas which lie between complex human beings I personally found it horrifying it was a true introduction into how a person could be manipulated, betrayed and ignored by [...]

    14. I did become absorbed in this book, even though the premise of this book is slightly disturbing and his continuous pursuing of her is frustrating.Cathy s family and friends responses to Dev s relationship with her generally seem entirely unsympathetic towards her to the point where she seems to doubt herself.I thought the end with her agreeing to marry him was incredibly frustrating, it just seems that he wore her down and she was defeated which seemed unfair to her.In light of all this, I can t [...]

    15. Read this book as a teenager, never forgotten it but I have noticed that my opinion of it has changed somewhat, due to my maturity.The teenage me would have given it a five, it seemed so romantic at the time The adult me, sees a girl woman not yet 18, who suffers through, what should be a traumatic experience, but it s what happens afterwards that s got me feeling a little uncomfortable Perhaps I am taking this too seriously, I mean it was marketed for teenagers right Who the hell am I trying to [...]

    16. Loved it when I was 11 and read it recently as a cynical 28year old and I still believe this is a must read ,made my 13 year old sister read it and she found it than a little bit disturbing the first time but she loved it too You will love it if you can read it within the context of its setting and characters and don t get too caught up with whether or not its PC in a real world setting.

    17. I read this book as a teen, having already been a fan of the author s bookMel I didn t enjoy this book quite as much, perhaps because the subject matter has a girl falling for her rapist Not sure what the message was supposed to be

    18. This book is what I read as a teen, where teens now have Twilight This book is a lot interesting than Twilight, but the characters are just about as unbelievable Perhaps the most memorable thing about it, is how long it took me to track it down 2 years it was out of print and I had to have it shipped to the US The China Garden is still my favorite of Liz Berry s.

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