Distant Shores

Distant Shores By Kristin Hannah, Distant Shores Elizabeth and Jackson Shore married young raised two daughters and weathered the storms of youth as they built a future together But after the children leave home they quietly drift apart When Jack
  • Title: Distant Shores
  • Author: Kristin Hannah
  • ISBN: 9780345450722
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Distant Shores By Kristin Hannah, Elizabeth and Jackson Shore married young, raised two daughters, and weathered the storms of youth as they built a future together But after the children leave home, they quietly drift apart When Jack accepts a wonderful new job offer, Elizabeth puts her needs aside to follow him across the country Until the sudden death of her father changes everything.Grieving and aloElizabeth and Jackson Shore married young, raised two daughters, and weathered the storms of youth as they built a future together But after the children leave home, they quietly drift apart When Jack accepts a wonderful new job offer, Elizabeth puts her needs aside to follow him across the country Until the sudden death of her father changes everything.Grieving and alone, she retreats to an isolated beach house where she packs away the last remnants of her parents lives There, the pieces of a past she never knew unfold to reveal a tender story of lasting devotion, the kind of steadfast commitment that Elizabeth admits is missing from her own marriage Faced with her own disillusionment, she makes a terrifying decision, risking everything she has for a second chance at happiness Enriched by soul stirring emotion and an appreciation for the simple joy of everyday miracles, Distant Shores is an exquisite reminder of the most precious gifts in life friends and family, children and lovers, the strength to change, and the courage to forgive all flawlessly captured by the graceful hands of Kristin Hannah.
    Distant Shores By Kristin Hannah,
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      Kristin Hannah is the award winning and bestselling author of than 20 novels including the international blockbuster, The Nightingale, which was named Best Historical fiction novel for 2015 and won the coveted People s Choice award for best fiction in the same year Additionally, it was named a Best Book of the Year by , iTunes, Buzzfeed, the Wall Street Journal, Paste, and The Week Kristin s highly anticipated new release, The Great Alone, will be published on February 6, 2018 St Martin s Press The novel, an epic love story and intimate family drama set in Alaska in the turbulent 1970 s is a daring, stay up all night story about love and loss, the fight for survival and the wildness that lives in both nature and man It has been listed as one of the most anticipated novels of the year by The Seattle Times, Bustle, PopSugar, Working Mother, Southern Living, and.The Nightingale is currently in production at Tri Star, with award winning director Michelle MacLaren set to direct Home Front was optioned for film by 1492 Films produced the Oscar nominated The Help with Chris Columbus attached to write, produce, and direct Movie news on The Great Alone is coming soonistinhannah

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    1. This book made me cry.No,really,it did And not in a good way.I was having my period A friend that I will have to disown told me to read this book It was about second chances and a married couple.WellIt was about an ex NFL star that was hungry for attention and his wife,a nice woman that always put him first.When the hero,or as I call him in my mind the biggest jerk out there got a new job he decided to move his wife and kids,disrupting their lives so he could be famous again.They agreed to go bu [...]

    2. This was really disappointing It was poor writing I found the story to be rather cheesy, predictable left some elements I feel would ve made it a stronger story for me.I ve really enjoyed Hannah s books I m wondering if this is one of her 1st books as I ve really enjoyed the others I ve read up to this time Plus, I love that the settings are always in the NW.I could get that Elizabeth felt she needed time for herself Totally get that, and I think is was great she put herself first for once as sh [...]

    3. Uma classifica o mais justa seria um 3,5 N o sendo, no entanto, o suficiente para as 4.Se este fosse o primeiro livro que lesse da autora, talvez a classifica o fosse diferente Mas tendo lido outro, ao qual dei 4 ou 4,5 n o me recordo , este, na minha opini o fica pelas 3.Gostei da est ria, e em grande parte revi me em muita coisa que a autora descreve.O drama pessoal que Elizabeth e Jack vivem faz lembrar muitos casais que se esquecem que num casal n o podem pensar s neles ou s nos outros Jack [...]

    4. Kristin Hannah is my current go to author when I m looking for a light read I d just finished a number of heavier books and non fiction pieces so needed something light Well, it was light And there were characters I found interesting But there was so much wrong with this book The red flag went up when Hannah talked about how air travel was down after 9 11, but then went on in the next sentence to set up a scene where the character Birdie met her daughters airplane at the gate No, after 9 11, the [...]

    5. Once again, Kristin Hannah has failed to disappoint me with her writing The haunting portrayal of a woman in her 40 s, whom realizes how most of her life she has been living for others her husband, her 2 grown children that are now off at university The empty next syndrome forces Elizabeth the central character of the book to reexamine her life, her goals, her relationships with friends, her daughters and her marriage With her children out the house, and her husband consumed with work, Elizabeth [...]

    6. The Kristin Hannah books I read, the bigger fan of hers I become Her books deal with subject matter I think women relate to but always prove better written than the typical chic lit out there Her novels keep me engaged the whole way through and I end up caring for her characters Distant Shores was another great Hannah novel.

    7. DISAPPOINTING this is what i felt about the book.Jack is the most selfish man who always thought about how he had lost so much and blamed Elizabeth for it,he was never a good husband not a good father ,over the pages you will see how he keeps thinking how many he was tempted to have sex but cause he was married he left them go,he is such a great guy made of steel his own words how he mixed what all stars do drink have sex with loads of woman instead he was stuck with a wife and 2 daughters,his i [...]

    8. This book was so beyond messed up It was horrible I ve read the cheating books and feel the angst and usually enjoy them bu this one goes above and beyond for an asshole hero Seriously, avoid it First let me tell you what happenedThe hero and heroine have a decent marriage and children, when the hero get a chance to expand his dying career, he takes it He tries to move his kids and the heroine but the heroine won t have it, so he takes his whore of a PA or secretary or whatever bad names you wan [...]

    9. Love this author, she doesn t disappoint She writes about real life topics but not in a chick lit way Her books keep me engaged the whole way through and look forward to reading from her.

    10. Well, first off I should say that I am typically a Kristin Hannah fan Everyone of her books I ve read to date, I actually liked loved, so I was disappointed to say that I barely liked this one As a matter of fact, I toyed with the idea of a one star, but in the end decided on two I won t read this again, not that I ever do, but I also won t be loaning it to any of the ladies that I know who like to read I think it was really that I just didn t like the characters or that they weren t as dveloped [...]

    11. This book is about a bird who falls out of her nest because she has forgotten how to fly Elizabeth Shore aka Birdie realizes one day that her life is not all it is cracked up to be She has a husband, and two wonderful kids but somewhere along the way she has lost herself After a tragedy in the family shakes her foundation Grief forces her from her nest and she realizes that has to find the deep down love for herself and her lost passions before she can fly up to her nest to be loved once Along [...]

    12. Story of Elizabeth s 24 year old marriage in crises, a wife who has given up her dreams for her husband and children Watching her own life pass her by as she became the best wife and mother she knew how to be, she no longer looks in the mirror and sees a whole and happy woman looking back A lot of truth and enlightenment came thru on the pages of this book It is one to be remembered, the finding of one s self, how to follow some of your own dreams while still doing for those you love I especiall [...]

    13. Comparando aos anteriores que li da autora, este mais fraco No entanto sempre uma autora que nunca me custa a ler A escrita simples e flu da Gostei muito de Elizabeth, t o f cil sentir empatia com tudo o que ela sente.A vida feita de escolhas, umas mais f ceis outras bem dif ceis Muitas dessas escolhas mudam o resto da nossa vida.Gostei e aconselho a sua leitura.

    14. This is a relationship book A typical story of a housewife who takes care of everyone, but herself Her self absorbed husband really loves her, but doesn t really know who she is The pace is fairly fast and the characters are easily recognizable Set on the Oregon coast, it made me long to sit by a fire and read this book.

    15. lame Don t bother Not even sure why i finished it Oh wait, I do know why I gave myself a goal to read X amount of books before the end of the year and so I finished just because I want to truthfully finish my said amount of books or Now if only I could be as truthful with my diet

    16. Jack Elizabeth have been married for 24 years they have 2 grown children aged 20 19 However, they are having problems in their marrige.Jack, a ex NFL star, is trying to land a big time TV announcing job In the process he has moved his wife and family all over creation Elizabeth is sick of moving She feels like she has lost herself.So when Jack moves to NY, Elizabeth stays in Oregon in order to try and decide what she wants to do with the rest of her life She starts to paint again she used to be [...]

    17. Birdie and Jack have a 24 year marriage and there are problems between them Jack is unhappy in his job and wants to find the celebrity he once knew as a popular football player Birdie can t find herself Birdie s father passes away and everything gets much worse but some thing become better This is a very slow moving story but in some ways reminded me of my first marriage Changes in life often make you stronger and help you find talents you didn t know you had.

    18. Good, easy read Pretty predictable, but there were a few times I teared up The formatting on the nook book was a bit of a mess, so that took away from the story some All in all, a story that makes you want to remember all the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

    19. This is a story of an unraveling mariage Elizabeth and Jackson Shore married young, raised two daughters and weathered the storms of youth as they built a family This is a book that I could relate to They were able to reach out and become the people they want to be in the end.

    20. I have read several books by Kristin Hannah and this one seemed a bit distant pardon the pun from some of her other stories The story revolves around a couple who have been married 24 years their two daughters are now in college and the couple is now dealing, or NOT dealing, with themselves as a couple and not parents any It is an honest look at what can happen in a marriage or relationship when you don t divide up your time and attention in proportion to the needs at hand Most mothers know that [...]

    21. I like some Kristin Hannah books like Winter Garden, Nught Road and Firefly Lane This book lacked the intrigue and drama of those novels though, was a bland, predictable, and not terribly believable plot.

    22. The power of love, the power of forgiveness family relationships It has the ingredients of a tearjerker, happy ending though.

    23. I really, really enjoyed this book I thought it would end up being a 8 10, but the ending pushed it up to a 9 I loved how it showed that you can rediscover who you are deep inside and invigorate your life without giving up your marriage or family Yes, Elizabeth made mistakes in letting her family take over who she was and lost herself in the process, but she was able to reawaken herself without giving up her husband and daughters My only real difficulty with this book was that Jack and Birdie di [...]

    24. Distant Shores focuses on a marriage gone stale where a couple have drifted apart and lost sight of who they are, thus they embark on different personal journeys in search of fulfillment After twenty four years of marriage to Jackson Shore, Elizabeth has reached a crossroad in her life Something is missing, she is missing out on life Or so she feels Somewhere along the way the spark in her marriage has diminished and instead of feeling settled, she is unsettled She has devoted her life to her hu [...]

    25. This was a quick read for me There s plenty of food for thought, and I was emotionally affected by the narrative The book covers a lot of territory mid life crisis, the difficulty of life long marriage, male ego, female sublimation, blaming someone else for the failures born of your own fears, losing oneself, finding oneself.At times it seemed highly insightful, and at other moments horribly cliched The resolution was too facile and left some things unaddressed Maybe if the hero had, at the star [...]

    26. I liked this book and I didn t like this book On the one hand, it was a typical middle aged woman becomes empty nester, realizes she doesn t have a life of her own because she forgot her dreams years ago, husband only seems to care about his career, so she needs time to find herself kind of book But then again, by the second half of the book the characters were better developed, the writing seemed much improved or was that my imagination , and the story line felt less shallow and intimate I don [...]

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this book about a middle aged woman who has spent her life following her husband from job to job, town to town, and believes that they have settled into their last house, which she is remodeling albeit slowly to suit her tastes But her husband, Jack, is a one time football star who had to quit due to a blown knee, and due to taking drugs, loses his reputation as well So his main goal is to get back to the top again and when he starts to see that happening, he loses her Becau [...]

    28. I had never read Kristin Hannah until about a year ago and the I read of her work, the she becomes one of my most favorite authors The book delves into a subject matter that likely many people can relate to, as a woman in her mid 40 s struggles with her sense of self and lack of passion and identity at this stage in her life Without giving anything away, it was a pleasure to see the relationships she had with her husband, children, and step mother grow and evolve in the book and ultimately bec [...]

    29. With all of Kristin Hannah s books, Distant Shores is a good one, even if it is filled with cliches about a marriage that has hit a stale spot Elizabeth and Jack Shore have been married for 24 years, raised 2 beautiful daughters, and Elizabeth Birdy feels that she is the one who has always given in the marriage while Jack has always taken She decides she needs to stand up for herself once both girls have left the nest She and Jack of course want and expect different things from each other, which [...]

    30. I admit this book is completely predictable and should probably warrant far less of a rating from me BUT it was predictable in the same way that Chick Flicks are predictable In that way, that I just want to hate it, but I actual love because if the story had ended in some other fashion I would have been left utterly heartbroken Plus, I always rate books higher if they can move me to some sort of actual emotion, whether it be crying, laughing, or scared at night, if a book can invoke an emotion i [...]

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