Heidegger's Glasses

Heidegger's Glasses By Thaisa Frank, Heidegger s Glasses Heidegger s Glasses opens during the end of World War II in a failing Germany coming apart at its seams The Third Reich s strong reliance on the occult and its obsession with the astral plane has led
  • Title: Heidegger's Glasses
  • Author: Thaisa Frank
  • ISBN: 9781582437194
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Heidegger's Glasses By Thaisa Frank, Heidegger s Glasses opens during the end of World War II in a failing Germany coming apart at its seams The Third Reich s strong reliance on the occult and its obsession with the astral plane has led to the formation of an underground compound of scribes translators responsible for answering letters written to those eventually killed in the concentration camps Into thisHeidegger s Glasses opens during the end of World War II in a failing Germany coming apart at its seams The Third Reich s strong reliance on the occult and its obsession with the astral plane has led to the formation of an underground compound of scribes translators responsible for answering letters written to those eventually killed in the concentration camps Into this covert compound comes a letter written by eminent philosopher Martin Heidegger to his optometrist, a man now lost in the dying thralls of Auschwitz How will the scribes answer this letter The presence of Heidegger s words one simple letter in a place filled with letters sparks a series of events that will ultimately threaten the safety and well being of the entire compound.Part love story, part thriller, part meditation on how the dead are remembered and history is presented, with threads of Heidegger s philosophy woven throughout, the novel evocatively illustrates the Holocaust through an almost dreamlike state Thaisa Frank deftly reconstructs the landscape of Nazi Germany from an entirely original vantage point.
    Heidegger's Glasses By Thaisa Frank,
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    1. Thaisa Frank

      The fiction of Enchantment is Thaisa Frank s third collection of short fiction and includes two semi autobiographical novellas as well as thirty three stories Her most recent novel, Heidegger s Glasses, takes place in the mythical haven of an underground mine during WWII, the safety of which is threatened forever It was published in 2010, reissued in paperback in 2011 and sold to ten foreign countries before publication She is also the author of Sleeping in Velvet and A Brief History of Camouflage, both on the Bestseller List of the San Francisco Chronicle Thaisa has received two PEN awards and her stories have been widely anthologized the most recent of which are in A Dictionary of Dirty Words, Harper Collins Reader s Choice and Rozne Ksztatly Milocsi She has published critical essays on writing and art and is the author of the Afterward to Viking Penguin s most recent edition of Voltaire Her poetry, which she writes secretly, appears in small publications Thaisa has also co authored Finding Your Writers Voice A Guide to Creative Fiction, translated into Portuguese and Spanish, and used in numerous writing programs Thaisa has taught writing in the graduate departments of San Francisco State, the University of San Francisco and the University of California as Visiting Associate Professor of Creative Writing.She grew up in the Midwest and the Bronx, the granddaughter of a Presbyterian theologian and a Rumanian Chassid, who consulted each other about Aramaic texts Her fiction, sometimes characterized as domestic magical realism, draws on a bi cultural childhood, in which she lived in a sedate suburb of Illinois for two thirds of the year and the colorful, immigrant world of New York for the remaining third In her stories a child has too many mothers to remember, a woman orders an enchanted man from a mail order catalogue, a circus performer has feet that can see, and a lonely vampire adjusts to life the heartlands Her novellas are about the journey of a daughter and her parents.Thaisa wrote her first story when she was eight an unremarkable story, except it made me feel connected to a vast world, far beyond my family She majored in philosophy of science and perfected her writing privately, turning down fellowships and working as a copy editor, ghost writer, and psychotherapist One interviewer has claimed she once gave psychic readings, but this was only a rumor, started by one of her characters You can follow her on Twitter and on Facebook facebook thaisafrankb.

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    1. I wasn t sure I was going to connect with this story at first, due to its absurd premise Patience is definitely an asset, and the payoff is exceptionally rewarding The surreal, unique conceit takes the Holocaust as background and purpose and weaves a persuasive tale Frank s oblique narrative approach is strange, and myth like, so that the reader is initially at arm s length, bemused at what appears to be an inconceivable plot However, it all comes together in a compelling, tender, plausible, and [...]

    2. DidI find I could understand this novel despite being totally ignorant about philosophy YES There s a philosopher as a character and some lovely passages that have a sort of philosophical bent to them, but the writing and the plot grab you immediately.WasI reminded a little of Michael Ondaatje and Jeanette Winterson YES The book is delicate without being precious or overwrought the essence of the story is there without being too thin or leaving the reader at arm s length Didis book make me sad Y [...]

    3. This review also posted on my blog I really enjoy reading stories about the Holocaust and about the people who have lived through it I suppose that in a way, it helps me to gain perspective in my own life, and reminds me that there is goodness to be found in everything The suffering of the Jewish people during WWII was immense, yet they continue to hope and live That means something to me Heidegger s Glasses takes a different path, a surreal and philosophical and almost mystical one, and is a ve [...]

    4. Heidegger s Glasses is based on a premise borne of occult leanings of top members of the Hitler s German Reich, that the dead must not be ignored For this reason, in this otherworld Germany, there is a compound of Scribes, all people chosen from transports because of their language skills to live in a compound and write letters that will never be read by a living eye Goebbels is the mastermind.At first I wasn t sure about my feelings for this book and where it was heading and put it aside for qu [...]

    5. Any random event can cause you to lose your bearings the world becomes strange, an alien place For Heidegger, the event was triggered by dropping his glasses After a time, the world righted itself and he wrote about it.For those touched by the terror of Nazi Germany, the rise of Hitler created an environment that permanently vacated its place in any normal sequence of events life was suspended without anchor, past, or future The only way to survive was to create an alternate space in the mind th [...]

    6. More of a 3.5 I don t find quite a four, but it s than a three.So I got this book free via for my new Kindle and boy does have hunderds of free books for your Kindle To my surprise, it s actually quite good True, sometimes the writing doesn t quite flow, and I m not sure if I really like Frank s style Yet, the story is compelling, the characters fully realized, and I wouldn t have minded paying for it.Frank tells the story of the Scribes, letter writers to the dead, in World War II The Scribes [...]

    7. Every once in a while a random book selection turns out to be a thought provoking gem Heidegger s Glasses is one such book.Set in Germany, towards the end of WWII, an underground compound houses a number of Jewish scribes The only reason why they ve managed to avoid being transported to concentration camps or shot outright is because of their multi language skills They re kept in this compound to answer letters written by victims in concentration camps, most of whom had died by the time their le [...]

    8. The world of this novel is fascinating It is real a historical WWII setting and it is imaginary in the Compound of Scribes captives who can translate a variety of languages write letters to the dead so that they will keep their secrets about the Nazi plan for the Final Solution While the compound provides some security for the captives are we safe the constant question , it also imprisons them with the SS guards in a mineshaft built to look like a village There is a world above the compound, and [...]

    9. Caro zio Johannes, ti scrivo dopo un meraviglioso viaggio verso Theresienstatd Qui tutto bellissimo Non vedo la mamma e il pap da giorni, ma i letti qui sono caldi n affetto Pieter Carissimo Abramo, ti prego non preoccuparti Abbiamo dovuto lasciare l ufficio in fretta a causa di affari importanti Qui si sta bene e molto meglio che a casa e il cibo abbondante Se portassi i bambini, potremmo stare tutti insieme Affettuosamente, Vanessa Queste sono due della serie di lettere scritte dai campi dal 4 [...]

    10. Review in Portuguese Os culos de Heidegger, de Thaisa FrankIntr nseca 285 p ginasQuando as cartas se tornam mais do que cartas, mas um ref gio em meio ao caos.T tulo Os culos de HeideggerT tulo Original Heidegger s GlassesAutora Thaisa FrankTradutor Mauro PinheiroEditora Intr nsecaISBN 978 85 8057 308 4Ano da Edi o 2012Ano Original de Lan amento 2010N de P ginas 285Comprar Online Ingl s Book Depository Portugu s Cultura Saraiva SubmarinoSinopse Em plena segunda guerra mundial h um ref gio para p [...]

    11. Sometimes he liked to imagine that each star was a word, and the sky was a piece of paper Then the stars unfurled into a phrase a proclamation for just one night Heidegger s Glasses by Thaisa Frank takes place during World War II, as a group of Jews live underground in a converted mine, called the compound, as scribes, translating and answering letters written to the dead These Jews were saved because of their knowledge of multiple languages, and as a result of the Third Reich s reliance on occu [...]

    12. Heideggers Glasses is a work of historical fiction Ms Frank concludes this work by stating, This is a work of fiction Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author s imagination or are used fictitiously Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental It s a good thing she reminds the reader that the book is a work of fiction Ms Frank so carefully weaves historical facts with her fictional threads in the story that it is impossible to distingui [...]

    13. Why I wanted to read this book I was immediately captured by the original plot for this story I like historical fiction and felt ready to read another book about the Holocaust and WWII.What worked for me The originality of the storyline really blew me away I am totally amazed at how the author weaved this story to the point that she actually had me convinced that these letter writers existed I think she captured how insane Hitler and his regime was and the affect that his actions had on people i [...]

    14. I found this novel profoundly compelling and gorgeously conceived, written with great care and beauty This band of Scribes in an underground Compound in northern Germany, deep in the woods, toward the end of World War II, have become part of my own imaginary now they have moved into my heart and soul Each character, especially the central two figures, who are lovers, is very real, and yet the whole world of the Scribes the world of the novel is touched with a kind of magic, which almost almost p [...]

    15. Undelivered LettersWriting a novel about the Holocaust is difficult because the terrible events are so well known as to numb readers with repetition Writers wanting to evoke the horrors afresh must find ways of approaching them from unusual directions Of these, one of the most risky because on the face of it absurd is through fantasy Though there have been successes Roberto Benigni managed almost to write an Auschwitz comedy in his movie Life is Beautiful Joseph Skibell called on Jewish folk leg [...]

    16. As I was reading Heidegger s Glasses, I thought to myself I m not really enjoying this as much as I think I should be But I kept reading anyway and, when I put it down last night, I thought myself Wow, that was pretty good And really hard to explain.Martin Heidegger was a German philosophy who plays a peripheral role in the story, but whose presence is always looming off stage Early in the book, he writes about feeling like he s fallen out of the world and that s what this story really is It s a [...]

    17. Here I sit with furrowed brow pondering what to write about Heidegger s Glasses I shouldn t have liked it but I did I wish there had been punctuation Following conversations presented without enough commas and that helpful little thing writers do where they insert such bits as Joe said or , muttered Leslie Can be so confusing But then I am rather stupid and hard to please And I ll be darned if the story wasn t really cool even though half the time I wasn t sure who was speaking and what was goi [...]

    18. I heard a lot of buzz about this book a couple years back and wanted to like the book, but I didn t Some of it is just personal preference This is a book that tends towards philosophy It s about ideas than about a story or about characters I didn t feel connected to the characters as individuals they were or less the same or opposites spouting ideas and thoughts throughout the book The characters said almost the same things and you could have replaced one name for another without noticing much [...]

    19. This book is really haunting It is fiction set in WWII about a group of Jewish linguists who are kept in an underground bunker city to write letters to the dead Both Goebbels and Himmler were fascinated by the occult, and this book is based on the idea that it was important to the Nazis to have the letters that were written often under coercion from the concentration camps be answered, even though the original letter writers are long since dead.The main characters Elie Schachten, a woman of myst [...]

    20. One of the great things about Heidegger s Glasses that no one in the novel is completely good or bad Each of the main characters is forced to do things that he or she might normally have shunned War does that to people, and Frank s representation of life underground during World War II illustrates this beautifully.Elie, the main character, intrigued me from the beginning She is mysterious, secretive, and kind Traveling the countryside, she saves people, but she loses of herself in the process A [...]

    21. vacation read 8 not sure what to think about this I question the historicity Seems literature and pop fiction has a lot to say about Nazis and the occult, but it appears that most of it is very poorly sourced This is no exception, although the author does make sort of clear that this entire story is just a fiction she made up in her own little mind Still wish it had basis in fact I ve only been able to confirm what facts I already knew Heidegger s existence, and the letters written by prisoner [...]

    22. Some books just resonate with you, some don t This one didn t move me at all Historically, it sounds fascinating and it s certainly a different perspective from which to look at World War 2 and the Third Reich The writing style was surreal and philosophical and reminded me of something you might read in an advanced English class in school I found the book difficult to follow and I was confused than intrigued Ultimately, I didn t have the time nor the energy that this book required of me and I d [...]

    23. I am very interested in the Holocaust and survivor stories I knew that this was a work of fiction, but was ultimately disappointed in the small basis in fact I was not aware that many prisoners were forced to write letters before they were gassed Frank includes letters at the end of each chapter, but I have to assume that she made all of them up The letters are the most interesting thing about the book The rest of the novel dwells on a group of Jewish scribes that were supposed to answer the let [...]

    24. An interesting story that shows the personal impact of WWII on a group of might have been concentration camp residents who are saved for a secret Reich project and on those who are in charge of them.

    25. I liked the last half of the book much better than the first half The first half had me skimming some areas, due to not being involved in the story line.

    26. Heidegger s Glasses is a paradox It addresses directly the atrocities of the Holocaust and yet it remains a light and even enjoyable read The scenario is that the Nazi regime has arranged for a Compound of Scribes to write letters for the purpose of helping to cover up the Final Solution The Scribes are Jews who have been plucked from the death camps based on their language ability The Compound occupies an abandoned mine underground They are part of the underground in a very literal sense, as we [...]

    27. Heidegger s Glasses is a complex story set in Germany at the turning point of World War II, in 1943 The book is about Nazis setting up a program to answer letters of concentration camp victims, or the letters of the dead They believe it s important because of the dead can rest then Germany will win the war Basically all adults arriving at concentration camps had to send postcards home, praising their conditions and inviting their relatives to apply to join them Those postcards were answered afte [...]

    28. Getting into this story took a bit of doing but I found that I really liked and admired Elie Schacten and Gerhardt Lodenstein, the lovers, who are the key characters in this novel Their goal is to save as many people as they can from the Nazis The book s premise is based on a program instituted by the Reich called Briefaktion, or Operation Mail Jews who were taken to Auschwitz were required to write postcards or letters to home indicating that they were safe and well Instead, these messages were [...]

    29. Gleichantworten M gen Like Answers Like hammered out in the same jaunty semicircle as Arbeit Macht Frei.The story for the most part takes part in the Compound of Scribes various intellectuals that we re pulled from lineup and camps to answer the letters to the dead.This is not your atypical historical fiction of the era of WWII or not, this is an existentialist viewing of a set of situations If you have read existentialist fiction before you know what to expect, if you haven t I m not going to [...]

    30. My interest in Heidegger s Glasses was piqued by the description of a novel that engages themes of occultism in the context of a Nazi Germany increasingly aware of the likelihood of losing World War II, and in particular by the characterization of the mood as dreamlike The challenge of crafting an ethereal narrative around a subject as un subtle as the Nazis, in my mind seemed likely to require a deft touch indeed Given the subject matter, I was anticipating a story that felt surrealistic and ni [...]

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