The Crown in the Heather

The Crown in the Heather By N. Gemini Sasson, The Crown in the Heather In Scotland is without a king Two families the Bruces and the Balliols vie for the throne Robert the Bruce is in love with Elizabeth de Burgh the daughter of an adherent of the ruthless Longsha
  • Title: The Crown in the Heather
  • Author: N. Gemini Sasson
  • ISBN: 9780982715802
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Crown in the Heather By N. Gemini Sasson, In 1290, Scotland is without a king Two families the Bruces and the Balliols vie for the throne.Robert the Bruce is in love with Elizabeth de Burgh, the daughter of an adherent of the ruthless Longshanks, King of England In order to marry her and not give up his chances of someday becoming King of Scots, Robert must abandon his rebel ways and bide his time as Longshanks In 1290, Scotland is without a king Two families the Bruces and the Balliols vie for the throne.Robert the Bruce is in love with Elizabeth de Burgh, the daughter of an adherent of the ruthless Longshanks, King of England In order to marry her and not give up his chances of someday becoming King of Scots, Robert must abandon his rebel ways and bide his time as Longshanks vassal.But Edward, Longshanks heir, doesn t trust the opportunistic Scotsman and vows to one day destroy him While quietly plotting his rebellion, Robert is betrayed by one of his own and must flee Longshanks vengeance.Aided by the unlikely brilliance of the soft spoken young nobleman, James Douglas, Robert battles for his throne Victory, though, is never certain and Robert soon learns that keeping his crown may mean giving up that which he loves most his beloved Elizabeth.
    The Crown in the Heather By N. Gemini Sasson,
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    1. N. Gemini Sasson

      Former teacher and track coach Runner, gardener, dog lover and sometimes farmer Author of medieval historical fiction The Crown in the Heather The Bruce Trilogy Book I , Worth Dying For The Bruce Trilogy Book II and Isabeau, A Novel of Queen Isabella and Sir Roger Mortimer.

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    1. Unfortunately, Braveheart has ruined me for Scottish historical fiction.Despite Mel Gibson taking a drunken header off my favorite actor list after his MANY bigoted, I ve got anger issues rants that proclaimed to the world his extreme ASSholiness, Braveheart is pure gore dripping, cinematic gold A wonderfully delicious combo of testosterone drenched, violent war porn accompanied by a symphony of heartstring tugging, tear producing melodrama sure to warm the cockles All that, plus face paintheave [...]

    2. All the positively glowing reviews I ve read about this book had me eagerly awaiting its delivery and excitedly anticipating sinking my teeth into some wonderfully detailed Scottish history Now that I have finished the book I m scratching my head and wondering if this can possibly be the same book I m sad to say that I can not offer any glowing praise for this book except to say thank goodness it wasn t any longer than it was Could it have been worseabsolutely Could it have been betterch The aut [...]

    3. I started this book with the expectation of reading a good historical about Robert the Bruce What I found was a story full of Mary Sues and Marty Stus with modern day sentimentalities that have no business being in a historical novel Apart from the incredibly slow pace, the author chose to skip over those times in history that defined these very real people and concentrated the story on the boring parts My advice when writing a historical, don t be afraid to show your subjects for who they were, [...]

    4. 4.5 starsIf you re expecting romance, like the sneak peek video implies, you may be disappointed There is a wee bit of romance, but mainly it s historical fiction, telling the story of Robert the Bruce It s written with three narratives with the chapter title telling the reader whose voice they re listening to Robert the Bruce, James Douglas and Edward II I ve read Sasson s Isabeau A Novel of Queen Isabella and Sir Roger Mortimer and it s written in the same style It s well done and gives the re [...]

    5. The Crown in the Heather is an exceptionally well written novel, brought to life particularly by the stunning scenery of Scotland and the writer s wonderful talent for enacting human drama It s a story of both triumph and despair, of courage and fear, with prose that is infused with irresistable touches of imagery and pace Such is the writer s ability to engage the reader that I found this nigh on impossible to put down The story chronicles the struggles and challenges of Robert the Bruce in an [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book I would have to say that if you are not interested in Scottish history it might be a little dry for you Since I love reading about these times I thoroughly enjoyed it For those not familiar it is during the time period the movie Brave Heart was done although Brave Heart is not strictly historically correct During my read I rented the History Channel documentary about Brave Heart and the real history of the late 1200 s and early 1300 s This book brought life to Robert t [...]

    7. Complex to the point of confusion I liked the way the culture of the time was illuminated But I had a terrible time sorting out the characters Would have appreciated a link between chapters connecting them a bit firmly Maybe the author presumes a better understanding of history on the part of the reader.

    8. Whenever we want something, we must weigh the cost of getting it A farthing is a fair price for a loaf of bread Two shillings for a yard of wool But what price will a man pay to be his own master This question is at the heart of N Gemini Sasson s debut, The Crown in the Heather The Bruce Trilogy Book I, and it is the primary concern driving the central character of Robert the Bruce Heir to the earldom of Carrick, Robert grows up headstrong and impulsive Under the tutelage of his grandfather and [...]

    9. This novel is written in first person with alternating points of view among Robert the Bruce, James Douglas, and Longshank s son Prince Edward Edward II I feel like a broken record but I m still not a fan of this I believe that if you re writing in first person, you should stick to one point of view If you want multiple points of view, write in third person But with it s growing popularity, I ve kind of had to put my feelings on it aside.Even so, there were things I really liked about this book [...]

    10. Check out this review and others on my blog historicalfictionobsession.bloThis book was actually listed on as a suggestion for me, and the price was right so I ordered it through my Kindle I am definitely glad that I did It has everything I love about the historical fiction genre, and is the best novel I ve read in quite awhile There is betrayal, war, love affairs, death, and amazing descriptions of the beautiful scenery that Scotland provides I m not sure how historically accurate this novel is [...]

    11. The medieval struggle of the Scots for independence from England is told through the voices of 3 narrators James Stewart, Prince Edward to become Edward II of England and Robert the Bruce himself In a time of turmoil and perfidy, Robert attempts to bring together the pugnacious Scots in a cobbled alliance against the English King Edward Longshanks Young James Stewart develops a deep respect and loyalty toward the Bruce, while the perverse Prince Edward impatiently awaits his father s death for m [...]

    12. I wasn t wild about this book Sasson is a good author, but I wouldn t call her a great author She attempts to tell the story of Robert the Bruce through the eyes of Robert and two other characters Sections of the book are told from one character s perspective, then she switches and tells another section from another character s perspective The only problem is that she is unsuccessful at changing the style of narrative when switching the character To me, the voice of each section sounds just like [...]

    13. So, to start with, this is historical fiction featuring a romance, not historical romance If your appreciation for Scottish history begins and ends with Hot Highland Hunks, this book is not for you The author attempted, and was successful at, DEromantacizing the Scots battle for independence and the major players therin This book is about the painful, gritty reality of fighting an empire bent on destroying a culture That said, it was just a little boring There were so many people mentioned that [...]

    14. I quite enjoyed this tale of Scottish history but it suffers from the fact that it s the first in a trilogy It isn t self contained in that it aims get you to read the next one so doesn t come to a satisfactory ending of its own I think it also suffers slightly from being written by an American as some of the turns of phrase e.g someone says to Robert Bruce that they re sure he could use some wine would be jarring for a novel set in modern Scotland let alone in a period piece like this The histo [...]

    15. Sasson does a good job of immersing us in the conflict between England the Scots during the time of Edward the First and Robert, the Bruce Sympathies naturally lie with the Scots than the English whose brutal attrocities perpetrated on Scottish nobles and towns continue to resound through history Robert, the Bruce is a heroic but tragic figure doomed to either bow to the English crown or flee through the forests Sasson tells the tale from multiple viewpoints, some of which are English and some [...]

    16. While I enjoyed this glimpse into English and Scottish politics in 1300, I got to the end of the book and still wasn t quite sure what was going on Sasson s details were a bit vague, and I m not up on my 13th and 14th century Scottish lords to know who was and wasn t in favor with King Edward at any given time Though The Crown in the Heather wasn t bad for a free download, I doubt I ll read the rest of this trilogy, though I would like to find a better novel about Robert the Bruce.

    17. In addition to reading, two of my passions are genealogy research and history The Crown in the Heather gave a wonderful cross between the three Over the past 20 years, I ve researched parts of my family lines back to the middle ages and one of my ancestors was King Edward I of England I find that well written historical fiction, like The Crown in the Heather, is a wonderful way to see my ancestors in a balanced, realistic light than what is often found in regular history books.

    18. Unable to get involved.Started this book several times but couldn t force myself to complete it It s rare I give up on a book but I did this one Sorry I love the time period and am familiar with the history but I just couldn t follow the story.

    19. Thoroughly enjoyableThis is an easy read and from what history I know, pretty accurate.The author makes Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, a living breathing man, not just a historical character.I will definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy.

    20. Quick read, fun if you are into Scottish history Reminded me of tales my Dad used to tell of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce with a fair dash of romance thrown in First of three books Presently finishing the third book.

    21. I learned some historical facts about this time in history, but it contained language that I felt was unnecessary, probably wasn t used in that era and didn t add to the book.

    22. I really got into this book Robert the Bruce is a riveting character and the author did him a measure of justice I will definitely read the other two books in the trilogy.

    23. Each night when I lie down, bathed in the rank sweat of a day s pressed march, I am so weary I neither stir nor dream in my sleep For weeks, I have felt neither the cushion of a pillow beneath my cheek, nor the caress of a blanket upon my shoulders This is how The Crown in the Heather begins, with engrossing imagery and immediate sympathy And for me, it never let up With each chapter, I not only learned of this era of Scottish history, one in which I am most interested, but I grew to know the c [...]

    24. AMAZING AND DRAMATIC HISTORICAL FICTIONHistorical Fiction is not the same as Historical Romance Yes, there is some romance in this story, but it is not the main point of the story So if you are looking for that, then this is may not be your type of book However, if you are looking for a book pertaining to Scotland in the 14th century about it s history and the drama that enfolded between England and Scots then this a great choice The story begins in a later time when Robert the Bruce is on the r [...]

    25. One of those books where the description doesn t quite match the actual story nothing really wrong with the book itself, it just wasn t the story I was expecting to read from the description.

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