Flavia de Luce e o mistério do Bosque de Gibbet

Flavia de Luce e o mistério do Bosque de Gibbet By Alan Bradley, Flavia de Luce e o mist rio do Bosque de Gibbet Flavia ir confrontar se com duas mortes misteriosas separadas pelo tempo mas relacionadas Para agravar a situa o ainda tem que lidar com a sua vida familiar agitada complicada pela dif cil conviv n
  • Title: Flavia de Luce e o mistério do Bosque de Gibbet
  • Author: Alan Bradley
  • ISBN: 9789896570811
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flavia de Luce e o mistério do Bosque de Gibbet By Alan Bradley, Flavia ir confrontar se com duas mortes misteriosas, separadas pelo tempo, mas relacionadas Para agravar a situa o ainda tem que lidar com a sua vida familiar agitada, complicada pela dif cil conviv ncia com as irm s.O fim da Segunda Guerra vai encontrar Dieter, o deslumbrante prisioneiro de guerra alem o, a trabalhar na quinta de Culverhouse que propriedade do casal Flavia ir confrontar se com duas mortes misteriosas, separadas pelo tempo, mas relacionadas Para agravar a situa o ainda tem que lidar com a sua vida familiar agitada, complicada pela dif cil conviv ncia com as irm s.O fim da Segunda Guerra vai encontrar Dieter, o deslumbrante prisioneiro de guerra alem o, a trabalhar na quinta de Culverhouse que propriedade do casal Ingleby e fica situada perto da buc lica Bishop s Lacey Certa tarde, o filho dos Ingleby desaparece e Dieter ir descobri lo enforcado num antigo pat bulo, na clareira do Bosque de Gibbet, onde a Meg Louca passa os seus dias.Cinco anos mais tarde chega a Bishop s Lacey um casal de artistas ele um bonecreiro de g nio, estrela do p blico infantil da BBC, ela a sua fiel ajudante A ind mita Flavia De Luce, 11 anos de enorme talento, encarregada de os ajudar a instalarem se na terra Mas o ambiente adensa se na aldeia quando um dos espect culos de marionetas, apresentado pelo famoso bonecreiro, termina de forma tr gica E Flavia De Luce ter , uma vez mais, de dar provas das enormes capacidades dedutivas na descoberta do que liga o passado ao presente.
    Flavia de Luce e o mistério do Bosque de Gibbet By Alan Bradley,
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      165 Alan Bradley
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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name With an education in electronic engineering, Alan worked at numerous radio and television stations in Ontario, and at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute now Ryerson University in Toronto, before becoming Director of Television Engineering in the media centre at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, where he remained for 25 years before taking early retirement to write in 1994.He became the first President of the Saskatoon Writers, and a founding member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild His children s stories were published in The Canadian Children s Annual, and his short story, Meet Miss Mullen, was the first recipient of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild Award for Children s Literature.For a number of years, he regularly taught Script Writing and Television Production courses at the University of Saskatchewan Extension Division at both beginner and advanced levels.His fiction has been published in literary journals and he has given many public readings in schools and galleries His short stories have been broadcast by CBC Radio.He was a founding member of The Casebook of Saskatoon, a society devoted to the study of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlockian writings Here, he met the late Dr William A.S Sarjeant, with whom he collaborated on their classic book, Ms Holmes of Baker Street This work put forth the startling theory that the Great Detective was a woman, and was greeted upon publication with what has been described as a firestorm of controversy.The release of Ms Holmes resulted in national media coverage, with the authors embarking upon an extensive series of interviews, radio and television appearances, and a public debate at Toronto s Harbourfront His lifestyle and humorous pieces have appeared in The Globe and Mail and The National Post.His book The Shoebox Bible McClelland and Stewart, 2006 has been compared with Tuesdays With Morrie and Mr God, This is Anna In July of 2007 he won the Debut Dagger Award of the British Crimewriter s Association for his novel The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, the first of a series featuring eleven year old Flavia de Luce, which has since won the 2009 Agatha Award for Best First Novel,the 2010 Dilys Award,the Spotted Owl Award, and the 2010 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel.The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie has also been nominated for the Macavity, the Barry, and the Arthur Awards.Alan Bradley lives in Malta with his wife Shirley and two calculating cats.

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    1. I can t really explain it, but I really like this series I don t read books like this and yet here I am with book two under my belt and looking forward to book three I actually liked this book better than the first book The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie I was talked into reading the first book, and prejudged the book which it took 3 4 of the book to convince me that I really was having a good time With book two I picked it up already convinced I would like it and I wasn t disappointed Flavi [...]

    2. I see I m not the only one unthrilled by this second book There are no spoilers in what follows, but if you loved the first one and are excited for this one, read no further Or if you do, don t complain to me that I killed your joy This story meandered way too much to keep my interest, and I thought the plot was dreadfully thin Lots of window dressing and trying too hard to be cute It felt very much like a 70 something year old man trying to sound like an 11 year old girl And of course, that s e [...]

    3. These are cute, cute, cute books I don t buy it, a kid being this kind of smart, but I don t care The plot s a little on the thin side, but I don t care The fun of these books is the delightful fantasy of Eng er land post WWII seen through the eyes of eleven year old Flavia, daughter of decayed privilege.The murdered man, a puppeteer drug dealer, richly deserved killing, which always makes a mystery fun for me His relict, of sorts, is of course a suspect, but her Delicate Condition which Flavia [...]

    4. Flavia returns Oh, delicious young poisoner Flavia de Luce, cousin to Wednesday Addams, Sherlock Holmes as an 11 year old girl A delight.

    5. The Weed That Strings the Hangman s Bag picks up a little than a month after The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie leaves off, so it was good to read them consecutively It s summer in Bishop s Lacey, the little village outside of which eleven year old Flavia de Luce lives with her father and two older sisters in the old family manor, Buckshaw Flavia s relaxing in the churchyard when she sees that she has company it turns out that the van of a famous puppeteer, Rupert Porson, has broken down, a [...]

    6. I love this series, especially the feisty 11 year old Flavia deLuce at the centre of it all England in the 1950s must have been a golden time for childhood Flavia is left totally alone to roam the countryside on her bike, visit whoever she wants and poke her nose in wherever she wants Of course things might be different if her mother hadn t died at her birth and it was left to her distant father and two hateful sisters who Flavia may end up poisoning before the series ends to bring her up As lon [...]

    7. Delightful That s is precisely what this book is Just a delightful story with the precocious Flavia de Luce This time is she trying to find out who killed the famous puppeteer Rupert Porson and she does her usual way, by being curious, listening to gossip and putting two and two together And, thinking of ways of killing people with poisonscially her sisters Flavia de Luce is such a wonderful characters, she will either be a great detective when she grows up or a very deadly poisoner Her love for [...]

    8. I liked the first book a little I think the mystery was better crafted in the first book However, it was still quite a mystery This one was quite sad due to the subject matter I think that was another reason it didn t sit as well with me Flavia is her usual self Very precocious and highly astute and observant She makes a formidable detective Much in the style of the highly esteemed Miss Marple One that people will often overlook because they seem unassuming and not the type who could pull the l [...]

    9. The Weed That Strings the Hangman s Bag is the 2nd book in the Flavia De Luce series I liked the novel less than the first one as I could not connect with the characters in the beginning and I was a little bit annoyed by Flavia That changed soon enough and the book became entertaining, as I was expecting For those who do not know this series, it is about a 12 years old girl living in an old English mansion with her father and two sisters after the 2nd World War Flavia is very curios, attentive t [...]

    10. I think I liked this second book even better than I did the first book in the series, even though I didn t get to experience the same novelty of Flavia as a character.I love Flavia and Flavia s narration She s such a hoot It helps to have a very warped sense of humor to enjoy this mystery series, and I am the proud possessor of a warped sense of humor, which allows me to enjoy all sorts of humor.I knew too much about the mystery too soon, sort of, but the whole joy of this series is Flavia as a [...]

    11. Even better than the first one, The Weed that Strings the Hangman s Bag was so lovely These books are so unique because what Alan Bradley does is takes his readers through layers of imagination When I read his books I literally see everything and I m transported to a different time He is so great at writing characters and setting its so fun and fantastic This book had a charming plot even though it was about murder The puppeteer idea was very storybook and had me hooked from the very beginning L [...]

    12. I could only barely make it through one Harry Potter novel even though they are very imaginative and popular Yet I am addicted to Flavia de Luce books as much as Flavia is addicted to chemistry, solving mysteries and devouring horehound sticks Flavia has a hilarious and sweet view of her world and she make you want to be a part of it Eleven year old Flavia lives in Buckshaw, an old estate on the edge of Bishop s Lacey She is know by all the locals as that de Luce girl flying about town on her bi [...]

    13. I have heard good things about this series from others I decided to finally give it a chance Unfortunately my library didn t have the first volume, but they did have the second volume and that is where I started This feels like a stand alone mystery, so I didn t feel like I was missing anything Flavia is a likable character It is hard to remember she is only 11 years old She is a great detective and chemist and is sure to do good things as she gets older I think this will be a fun series for me. [...]

    14. I skipped the other 2 books I have out from the library to dive right into this One of my favorite lines in this book, Take myself, for instance I am often thought of as being remarkably bright, and yet my brains, often than not, are busily devising new and interesting ways of bringing my enemies to sudden, gagging, writhing, agonizing death Oh Flavia Such a funny, smart ass And she s only 11 Another delightful murder mystery in which Flavia de Luce is miles ahead of the police Very enjoyable.

    15. Give me resistance, give me marching in the streets, and then give me books about an eleven year old chemist who rides her bike around the village solving crimes and threatening to poison her sisters for the end of the day when all I want is to try to take my mind off of how fucking shameful reprehensible my country is.

    16. Another lovely and funny Flavia de Luce mystery.One afternoon Flavia stumbles upon a traveling puppet show van at the local church s graveyard The van is broken and in the temporary absence of the mechanic, stranded in Bishop s Lacy for a few days Not to waste their time, performers decide to do a couple of shows to entertain local public Of course, Flavia doesn t hesitate to befriend the famous puppeteer Rupert Porson and his beautiful and pregnant assistant Tragedy strikes when during the even [...]

    17. I read this book because I fell in like with the protagonist Flavia de Luce in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie And yes, I do sometimes select a book to read by its cover which is the main reason I picked up The SweetnessIt had a crow on the cover and I am a huge corvoid fan.I just learned that there is a new Flavia book out and an totally looking forward to reading it.Anyways, how can you not like a writer who pens If you remember nothing else, remember this Inspiration from outside one s [...]

    18. Oh Flavia, you and your poisonThis second installment in the Flavia De Luce series was a bit slower than the first the murder doesn t even occur until half way through the book but revealing of the De Luce family background, which made up for the slower start Flavia is freakishly observant and manipulative, and she s 11 years old The mysteries are told from the viewpoint of a very precocious, highly intelligent child She misses things that an adult would grasp immediately, but she also sees and [...]

    19. I quite enjoyed my second reading of this novel, this time via audio The narrator was great and completely captured the very essence of our young protagonist I often found myself remarking on how smart Flavia was and how I envied her knowledge of chemistry, for which, admittedly, I ve never really had an affinity There were times when there were almost too many references to chemistry for me, but I think that s because I was trying so hard to store them away in my mental encyclopedia Considering [...]

    20. Jo Alan Bradleyn ensimm inen, suloisesta myrkynkeitt j st Flavia de Lucesta kirjoittama teos Piiraan maku makea hurmasi, ja sarjan toinen osa Kuolema ei ole lasten leikki jatkaa samalla tasokkaalla ja koukuttavalla linjalla.Bishop s Laceyyn saapuu kuuluisa nukketeatteritaitelija Rupert Porson Flavialle k y nopeasti selv ksi millainen ihminen Rupert on ja alkaa hienovaraisesti k rim n auki salaisuuksien p lle ohuelti kiedottuja verhoja Rupert kuolee kesken Jaakko ja pavunvarsi esityksen ja nokkel [...]

    21. I don t read many mystery books, but I am hooked on this series and have gotten my mom hooked as well In this second book, 11 year old Flavia continues her adventures in the British countryside where she roams wild with her unhealthy interest in murder and poison In this book, a visiting puppeteer is murdered, and the cast of suspects is wide Bradley, a Canadian, has a magnificent knack for creating characters who are brilliant and quirky in that perfectly British mold Really, it would be a joy [...]

    22. Flavia de Luce is one of the most delightful characters to come along in contemporary mystery fiction in some time Introduced to this charming character in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, she continues to entertain and engage the reader in this second novel of the series Bradley in his writing, full of wit and humor, is able to spin tales that are totally absorbing, literally the kind you don t want to put down and can t wait to pick up again The reader is definitely left hungry for , an [...]

    23. I think I enjoyed this second of Flavia de Luce s adventures even than the first This time around, a travelling puppet show comes to Bishop s Lacey Their van having broken down there, puppeteer Rupert Porson decides to put on two shows at the Vicarage Hall, a matinee for the children and another in the evening for everyone else Flavia who happens to be in the graveyard when Porson s van has broken down is roped in to help All is not right between Porson and his assistant also girlfriend Nialla, [...]

    24. Splendid Better than the first part, which was already really good Flavia is a lovely character, but the other cast is full of interesting people The crime that has happened is a curious one, with lots of fuzzy detail, but the little chemist Flavia manages to figure everything out, as usual.

    25. I really enjoy had such a young girl always manages to get herself caught up in a mystery but this time Flavia was actually helping and not getting herself in trouble even though she forgot to do things that was supposed to be done at home Flavia is a fun character She s always trying to find a way to torcher her sisters since they can be a bit mean to her being the youngest but she is quite smart for 11 years of age I find it fun reading about her adventures.

    26. Bradley ups the ante with The Weed that Strings the Hangman s Bag, his second Flavia deLuce novel in which our spunky heroine an eleven year old budding chemist with a passion for poison investigates the sudden death of a celebrity puppeteer And of course, the mystery she sets out to solve twists and turns along adding another possible victim, and quirky hilarity ensues I usually approach the second installment of any series warily After finishing The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, and bein [...]

    27. I have to say, Alan Bradley s ability to evoke a time and place is simply amazing Whether I enjoyed the mystery or not I would probably read this series just for the opportunity to escape to these small towns in 1950s England.IF you adored the SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE I hardly think you need me to urge you on to read Flavia 2 However, if you are like me and somewhat on the line as to whether to continue, let me give you a little nudge to go ahead and pick this book up too First, there [...]

    28. This book was send to me by Bookdagger for my honest review.This is the second book by Alan Bradley featuring the precocious Flavia de Luce.Flavia is eleven years old, the youngest of three sisters who live with their philatelist and rather absent father in a mansion in the country side in England in the 1950 s.Flavia could easily have been a lonely and sad little girl, bullied by her sisters, half believing that she caused her mother s death and or less ignored by her father, but she s far to [...]

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