Marsupial Sue Book and CD

Marsupial Sue Book and CD By John Lithgow Jack E. Davis, Marsupial Sue Book and CD Marsupial Sue Book and CD
  • Title: Marsupial Sue Book and CD
  • Author: John Lithgow Jack E. Davis
  • ISBN: 9780689843945
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Marsupial Sue Book and CD By John Lithgow Jack E. Davis, Marsupial Sue Book and CD
    Marsupial Sue Book and CD By John Lithgow Jack E. Davis,
    • [AZW] Ø Unlimited ☆ Marsupial Sue Book and CD : by John Lithgow Jack E. Davis ✓
      318 John Lithgow Jack E. Davis
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    1. What a fun book Lithgow s lyrical rhymes will delight children of all ages Fun book, nice illustrations Good message.

    2. Was it a fun story Yes What was fun about it The fun part of it is I wouldn t want to be those animals Was it funny It was funny Would you recommend this book to other people Of course read and reviewed by a six year old, questions and typing by mom

    3. Perhaps better known to adults for his stage and screen work, actor John Lithgow has an amazing body of work for children His picture books are some of my and my children s absolute favorites Topping the list for me is The Remarkable Farkle McBride The story centers around a young boy who is a musical prodigy He is able to master instrument after instrument with ease, but throws each one away as he becomes bored with it Through an unfortunate illness on the part of the orchestra conductor one ev [...]

    4. When my fianc I bought cereal years ago, we purchased boxes containing storybooks Regardless that they were little children s, each raised the cereal s value I look forward to reading I m A Manatee , which I expect to favour because of that sweet, little known animal and I was touched by Micawber It was a pleasure to discover John Lithgow, famous actor, is dedicated to authoring much loved children s literature He partners with various illustrators, this time Jack E David.I admit I didn t adore [...]

    5. Marsupial Sue thinks being some other animal would be best After trying out different animal traits with Sue try setting up an Outback Obstacle Course as an extension activity.Our inspiration and coloring sheets came from the Sept Oct 2000 issue of Copycat magazine The course included a Koala Climb, a Platypus Race, an Emu Run, a Crocodile Road Race, a Kookaburra Belly Laugh, an Echidna Roll, and a Kangaroo Hop.The kids collected their Walkabout Trail Mix treat as they finished their craft and g [...]

    6. Appropriate Grade Level K 2Summary John Lithgow sings this song Sue doesn t like being a kangaroo so she goes around trying to be other animals All of her attempts end up hurting her, and by the end of the story she realizes that she likes who she is so she ends up being happy to be a kangaroo.Review I m biased because I like John Lithgow So automatically I love this I think he has a great singing voice, and the kids I ve played his songs and stories for respond well to him I can t help but thin [...]

    7. This book tells the story of a kangaroo named Sue Sue is unhappy being a kangaroo because the hopping around hurts her head and back, so she tries to find other animals she could live with instead Sue tries to live with the Koalas but she gets hurt falling out of a tree She attempts to live by the sea with the platypus but ends up becoming sick with Typhoid, pneumonia, colic and gout Sue ends up realizing that she s happy with who she is This book emphasizes the importance self love and being wh [...]

    8. In The Runaway Pancake, a pancake stars in his own play which is reminiscent of the gingerbread man The illustrations depict the story as a theatre production, but elaborates on the adventure of the Runaway Pancake with detailed drawings and humorous characters Although young children will enjoy the repetitive chants and predictable storyline, the dialogue can become wordy at times, which may not be suitable for young readers The rich colors and vivid drawings are very entertaining and add perso [...]

    9. I love John Lithgow his humor and love come through in the text of this book It is about a kangaroo who doesn t like who she is she tries out all kinds of other creatures lives, but finds out that she really does like being a kangaroo and embraces who she is It is a great story for kids who are learning about how to be who they are and how to be happy with who they are The pictures are great, too It would be better to read to one or a few children, but would not be great for a read aloud.

    10. Interesting story about a young kangaroo that teaches a lesson on liking who you are, and not trying to be someone you aren t The CD is narrated by John Lithgow in his inimitable voice Our girls liked this book a lot They sing the song all of the time, and ask to borrow the book from the library frequently Our girls also enjoyed watching this book read aloud on the Tumblebooks website tumblebooks.

    11. Marsupial Sue is a story of a Kangaroo who is unhappy being herself She goes on adventures and explores the lives of other animals around her trying desperately to fit in Will she fit in with the platypus or the koalas The lesson that Marsupial Sue truly needs to learn is to Be happy with who you are Don t ever stray too far from you Will Marsupial Sue learn that lesson or will she spend the rest of her life trying to fit in

    12. Marsupial Sue doesn t like to hop around So she hangs from the trees like koala bears, but falls out of the tree She sleeps with a platypus in the ocean and gets sick Plays with the wallaby, but realizes she is happier just being a kangaroo Great for writer s workshop about things they can do that make them unique and different from others in the class.

    13. My whole family likes this book The book itself is cute and a good story about being happy with who you are The accompaning CD is even better than the book The story is sung as a waltz, and it is so catchy, I can t get it out of my head I find myself singing or humming it all the time We are definitely going to check out books by John Lithgow.

    14. I wish that there was depth to the story about accepting who you are While Kangaroo Sue learns to love herself, her transformation seems sudden and without real reason.I also wish I knew how to read music so that I can sing the song in the back of the book although that would probably scar my kids for life.

    15. A cute enough little story There is some nice language here I kept envisioning my fourth graders reading this, yet I think some of the words would stump them The message is clear be happy with who you are In other words, 640 million lotteries are not needed to make one happy The illustrations here are really cute and add to the story, which is told in rhyme.

    16. cute book about a kangaroo that wants to be anyone other than a kangaroo only one forced rhyme kinda bothered by the moral, be happy w who you are doesn t suggest self improvement and if you regard yourself as a failure be happy w that Jack E Davis, no mention of him being the Mad artist, draws odd looking kangaroos.

    17. Just be who you are and hop on with your bad self CD included with John Lithgow singing A very catchy little waltz Marsupial Sue, A lesson or two Be happy with who you are Don t ever stray too far from you.

    18. From this book children should learn the importance of being themselves The repeated lines Be happy with who you are Don t ever stray too far from you will serve as an encouragement and reminder These lines are also included in the song on the CD.

    19. Another John Lithgow masterpiece Great for young children I could read this over and over It comes with a CD You have to listen to the CD John tells the story to a bunch of kiddos Kindergardeners love this book.

    20. I don t know how I feel about this The catch phrase of the book translated to you re a kangaroo, don t try to be anything else I can see how one side can be be happy with how you are , but the other side you can t be anything but what you are is debatable.

    21. The best part of this set is the CD John Lithgow singing The Runaway Pancake The illustrations, although quite beautiful, are a little cluttered for the storyline, but the performance is simply marvelous.

    22. This little story about a young kangaroo named Marsupial Sue that wasn t happy being herself but got into big trouble trying to be someone else I would have liked this story a lot if parts of it hadn t be rhyming It felt forced and off kilter, hindering the cuteness of the story.

    23. This is a charming book about a kangaroo, who is dissatisfied with being a kangaroo The rhyme is much meaningful with the inclusion of the CD with the author singing the Marsupial Sue song The song, in this case, really makes the book

    24. This is a darling book with a lesson about being content with who we are A lesson that is important for people of ALL ages Be sure to get the copy with the accompanying CD, it has a cute song that tells the story as well.

    25. Marsupial Sue is tired of being a kangaroo She tries out other animals before she decides being a marsupial is just fine John Lithgow narrates this fun book and his voice is perfect for children s books I watched listened to this on Tumblebooks.

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