Lamplighter By D.M. Cornish, Lamplighter Continuing the absorbing inventive saga started in Foundling Lamplighter follows RossamYuml nd Bookchild now one of the Emperor s lamplighters who is sworn to protect travelers from the ferocious
  • Title: Lamplighter
  • Author: D.M. Cornish
  • ISBN: 9781101460924
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
  • Lamplighter By D.M. Cornish, Continuing the absorbing, inventive saga started in Foundling, Lamplighter follows RossamYuml nd Bookchild, now one of the Emperor s lamplighters, who is sworn to protect travelers from the ferocious bogles that live in the wild Small and meek, he does not fit in Then a haughty young female monster hunter is forced upon the lamplighters for training As RossamYuml nd begContinuing the absorbing, inventive saga started in Foundling, Lamplighter follows RossamYuml nd Bookchild, now one of the Emperor s lamplighters, who is sworn to protect travelers from the ferocious bogles that live in the wild Small and meek, he does not fit in Then a haughty young female monster hunter is forced upon the lamplighters for training As RossamYuml nd begins to make new friends in the dangerous world of the Half Continent, he also seems to make enemies, finding himself pushed toward a destiny that he could never have imagined
    Lamplighter By D.M. Cornish,
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    1. D.M. Cornish

      D M Cornish born 1972 is a fantasy author and illustrator from Adelaide, South Australia His first book is Foundling, the first part of the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy The second book named Lamplighter was released in May 2008 The third in the series is yet to be named.D.M Cornish was born in time to see the first Star Wars movie He was five It made him realize that worlds beyond his own were possible, and he failed to eat his popcorn Experiences with C.S Lewis, and later J.R.R Tolkien, completely convinced him that other worlds existed, and that writers had a key to these worlds But words were not yet his earliest tools for storytelling Drawings were.He spent most of his childhood drawing, as well as most of his teenage and adult years as well And by age eleven he had made his first book, called Attack from Mars It featured Jupitans and lots and lots of drawings of space battles.He studied illustration at the University of South Australia, where he began to compile a series of notebooks, beginning with 1 in 1993 He had read Mervyn Peake s Gormenghast novels, The Iliad, and Paul Gallico s Love of Seven Dolls Classical ideas as well as the great desire to continue what Mervyn Peake had begun but not finished led him to delineate his own world Hermann Hesse, Kafka and other writers convinced him there were ways to be fantastical without conforming to the generally accepted notions of fantasy Over the next ten years he filled 23 journals with his pictures, definitions, ideas and histories of his world, the Half Continent.It was not until 2003 that a chance encounter with a children s publisher gave him an opportunity to develop these ideas further Learning of his journals, she bullied him into writing a story from his world Cornish was sent away with the task of delivering 1,000 words the following week and each week thereafter Abandoning all other paid work, he spent the next two years propped up with one small advance after the other as his publisher tried desperately to keep him from eating his furniture.

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    1. You can like the first book in a new fantasy series You can love a first book in a new fantasy series You can compare that book to the works and worlds ofJ.R.R Tolkien orPhilip Pullman, if you ve half a mind to do so But no matter how much you love a book, when you see that its sequel is a whopping 711 pages long you may find yourself somewhat reluctant to pick it up I m a busy reviewer I get sent a lot of books to read and I m only able to review a tiny portion of them If a book is 711 pages lo [...]

    2. This took a long time to finish because I was listening to this at night before bed and I would often fall asleep and have to rewind it the next night I finally finished it early this morning While I didn t like this one quite as much as the first book or the last I had to read book 3 a few months ago for review , it was still a good read, and I was drawn into the world of our intrepid young hero I just love Rossam nd He s like my honorary little boy Just a sweet kid When he hurt, I hurt, when h [...]

    3. Heck, what can I say about a book that has made me excited about reading again Waiting eagerly for the next installment like a young child There s just something very magical about this series, and this book has only continued that, broadening the world and making the story only deep and disturbing.Following orphan Rossamund as he becomes a Lamplighter in the Most Serene Emperors service, it quickly becomes apparent than the first book that something is truly rotten in the world The power of C [...]

    4. What a great story This book is the second in the series Monster Blood Tattoo and it brings us into the second phase of the lead character s life Rosamund Bookchild as he begins his apprenticeship into the life of a lamplighter It really does help if you haven t put too much time inbetween the first book and this, as the world that D M Cornish has created although tantilizingly familiar is completely topsie turvey and he writes it with such conviction that it exists that you really have to be in [...]

    5. When a book has somewhere close to 100 pages of an appendix with definitions and explanations of terms and things found in the book, I draw the line Thumbs up D.M Cornish for creating an amazing new world Thumbs down for making it nearly impossible to understand unless I devote serious, and I mean SERIOUS, time to reading that cumbersome appendix which I refuse to do Which then means, I am half confused for a good three quarters of the book And COME ON, is anyone DYING to know all about lamp lig [...]

    6. The concept and overall story are quite good, but the continual barrage of made up words is tiresome The glossary at the end is nearly 1 5 of the hefty sized novel, and that s not even comprehensive all the words I looked up were not included It feels like reading a book in a foreign language that you only took a few years of back in high school you re left to guess at most noun s meanings by context alone.The main character has about as much personality as soggy white toast, but fortunately he [...]

    7. It is hard to describe just how wonderful the Monster Blood Tattoo series is To say that the writing is meticulous, the world building immaculate, the prose beautiful, the language sublime, is to damn it with faint praise.This is one of the most satisfying spec fic series I ve ever read the level of detail is astronomical, mind boggling and amazing.

    8. This is a very, very special book.For those of you always looking for something to fill the Harry Potter hole, this blows everything else away completely.Our hero, Rossamund, is now a Lamplighter in training Lamplighters are a branch of the military whose job it is to light the Emperor s highways, and help keep traveler s safe The fortress where he lives and trains, is as large and mysterious as Hogwarts ever was Although there is no magic, there is Alchemy EVERYWHERE, large and small, helpful a [...]

    9. Lamplighter by D.M Cornish Putnam, 2008 is, like its predecessor Foundling Putnam, 2007 , a dark and dense pleasure indeed Young Rossamund has begun his prenticeship as an Emperor s Lamplighter at the labyrinthine stronghold Winstermill and begins to adapt to the rigorous schedule Rossamund has a remarkable talent for finding and befriending the gems among some truly rough characters, and these friends come in very handy as a sinister hidden plot results in Winstermill being controlled by nefari [...]

    10. Perhaps 4.5The plot in this book advances greatly, being exciting, intriguing, and startling at the same time Questions are answered even as arise.Our main character Rossam nd may be shy and somewhat predictable, but it all comes from him being such a very honest and loyal fellow Rarely do we see such a plucky and truly nice boy in a book.Threnody is quite a mystery, with her mercurial temper and odd antics, but ultimately proves to be another loyal soul.Europe, though, I absolutely loved, espe [...]

    11. The sequel does not disappoint and in fact tops aspect of the first Monster Blood Tattoo book as it develops a rich cast of characters and builds a sturdier world and intriguing plot in which to inhabit than the first Although you can see from my comments on the Book 1, I was enthralled with the depth of the Half Continent Skipping the summary any spoilers of the book, I will say that the action in the book theroscades , intrigue the plot thickens , colorful characters black eyed wits and monst [...]

    12. This was very, very good I have decided to buy the series I ve been reading library editions I know I will want to be rereading it Unlike the first one, which takes a long time to really get going, this one starts in with a high tension and keeps up the pace Action Fascinating world building More cool ladies I ve seen some reviews of the series complaining that Rossamund s secret was not very surprising Well, I didn t guess the details, but I m pretty sure it wasn t supposed to be a surprise Cor [...]

    13. I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as I did the first but still a solid tale.The story takes up directly where the first book leaves off and gives us some new characters to be interested in with a couple of the old ones still around Again, each chapter begins with the definition of a new word One of the things I like about this story is the careful consideration Cornish has put into worldbuilding The clothes and buildings and characters are all very evocative and are helped along by the autho [...]

    14. This books is the second in the Monster Blood Tattoo series which takes place in an intricately created world How many books have you read that include an Explicarium, Being a Glossary of Terms Explanations Including Appendices of over 100 pages The characters are extremely interesting, too.

    15. I really like this series so far this book in particular was full of wonder and wonderful characters Highly recommended and I m saving my full five stars to see how book three ends.This series would be of particular interest to those of you fascinated with world and lore building He s all about the details, as you will see in the appendices

    16. Had to read the first book again to remember the story I didn t really get into this one until after I had read about 100 pages After the first 100 pages I couldn t put it down The only thing that is a little distracting is that the last 200 pages are a glossary that keeps referring you to the first book s glossary.

    17. Is it a classic Around the age of fifteen or sixteen, when a boy has read sufficient science fiction or fantasy to aspire to create his own literary cosmos, he begins a monster story.Why boys choose a variation on the name Jabberwock for the monster and why the creature s nature should be ambiguous rather than out and out evil is a question I ve never resolved An archetype is obviously involved However, this does not explain why, of the seven basic plots identified by Christopher Booker, the cho [...]

    18. Finally a good trilogy for lovers of Tolkien and Dickens This second book has our little protagonist, Rossamund, dutifully following his dedication to the life of an apprentice lamplighter Upon arriving at Wormstool, something seems quiet threwdish There are monsters, as well as smaller nickers and bogles in this rural un utopia With the help of his new friend, fellow lamplighter Threnody, he discovers many different, and often eerie, aspects of life as a lamplighter in this part of the Half Co [...]

    19. A very descriptive, and sometimes confusing book because the author has created and employs new words for many nouns that we use commonly Remember what is what is challenging, but Mr Cornish has 1 8th of the book to maps, indexes, pictures and charts to dive deep into Half Continent Character build and story is good and keeps you wanting to read Planning to read the last one to see what becomes of Rasmussen.

    20. I enjoyed Lamplighter then Foundling I am still not a huge fan of Cornish s style but I am looking forward to the third book.

    21. The first book in this series, Foundling, left me bemused but intrigued It was terrifying and rather dark but ostensibly for middle grade aged children I wasn t particularly anxious to jump into book two in the series but while it was still fresh in my mind I picked it up at the library and I m so glad I did Somewhere in the middle of Lamplighter my vague interest in this series turned into true love I feel like now I get it I get the Half Continent and the world D.M Cornish has created in such [...]

    22. Lamplighter is the second book in the monster blood tattoo trilogy by D.M Cornish, published on May 1st 2008 It follows along Rossm mund as he trains as a lamplighter While he was out on the Prentice watch horn ed nickers attack a carriage, the lamplighters save this carriage and kill the horn ed nickers In this carriage is Threnody, the daughter of the lady Vey Threnody will become the first female lamp lighter in the book there are many conflicts, but i have narrowed the main conflict down to [...]

    23. This book review of LAMPLIGHTER was originally posted to the CCF site It s re posted here with permission The second book in D.M Cornish s Monster Blood Tattoo series, Lamplighter, is as engrossing as book one and should grab middle grade students attention just as much ISBN 978 0399246395 Putnam Juvenile May 1, 2008 Ages 9 12 Lamplighter has enough adventure filled pages to keep boys interested in reading it With the addition of Threnody to the cast, girls will also find this a good read Threno [...]

    24. Following his adventures in Foundling, Rossam nd is now a lamplighter apprentice, accompanying his fellow Prentices and a new arrival, a haughty young woman, as they learn the tools of their new trade But all is not well the number of monster attacks is on the rise, and Rossam nd begins to suspect some nefarious scheming within Wintermill, home of the lamplighters Unlike Foundling, this book does follow a quest or journey, and the plot is weaker for the lack of direction A darker, grittier seque [...]

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