Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics By N. Gregory Mankiw, Principles of Economics That is how Alfred Marshall the great th century economist defined economics in his classic textbook Principles of Economics The text you have in your hand continues that tradition from the cove
  • Title: Principles of Economics
  • Author: N. Gregory Mankiw
  • ISBN: 9780538453059
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Principles of Economics By N. Gregory Mankiw, That is how Alfred Marshall, the great 19th century economist, defined economics in his classic textbook, Principles of Economics The text you have in your hand continues that tradition, from the cover image to the last page The cover of this and previous editions shows a market scene It reminds us that economics is about people as they go about their lives Economics iThat is how Alfred Marshall, the great 19th century economist, defined economics in his classic textbook, Principles of Economics The text you have in your hand continues that tradition, from the cover image to the last page The cover of this and previous editions shows a market scene It reminds us that economics is about people as they go about their lives Economics is about buying, selling, setting prices, competing for customers, looking for jobs, and earning a living It is about why markets so often succeed as a way to run a society and why they sometimes fail When the Mankiw text was first published, The Economist wrote, Mr Mankiw s book sets a new standard for clarity and liveliness USA Today called it a grand success Since then, the book has indeed become the new standard for introducing economics to students like you around the world It has been translated into twenty languages, and than a million copies have been sold Thomson South Western is pleased to bring you this Fourth Edition.
    Principles of Economics By N. Gregory Mankiw,
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      381 N. Gregory Mankiw
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    1. N. Gregory Mankiw

      American new keynesian macroeconomist From 2003 to 2005, Mankiw was the chairman of President Bush s Council of Economic Advisors.He has since resumed teaching at Harvard, taking over the introductory economics course Social Analysis 10 More at.

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    1. I didn t study economics in my school or university, but I ve been an ardent fan of the subject ever since a very good friend Raymond, you know who you are introduced me to The Economist in my first year of University Since then I ve built up knowledge of the field organically through various sources, but always felt my understanding was lacking in some key areas especially banking A while ago I bought this book which is a 100 level college textbook to fill that gap.The text and presentation is [...]

    2. This is a mainstream economics textbook which means that it uses competitive market model upward supply and downward demand curves to explain almost everything What bothers me about this model is that it doesn t apply to majority of markets in modern economy There are barely any price takers, I can t think of a firm that hires labor or capital the way that neoclassic theory explains, Not surprisingly this approach reduces large part of economics especially microeconomics to a study detached from [...]

    3. So apparently I have to rate this in order for my review to appear So, I read this for academic purposes and my rating is based on how helpful and constructive it was to me with my course, but I didn t truly READ IT I just kind of scrolled through it and outlined what I thought mattered because I genuinely wasn t interested and it was honestly a tad too boring I m sure there are other far interesting economics related books Nevertheless, it was insightful and I hope I ace my microeconomics fina [...]

    4. Better than a text book An excellent work that explains the basics of economics very well Peppered with anecdotes and articles from the like of the Economist, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal that emphasize or clarify the topics discussed in the chapters.Loved it and will keep it as a reference forever.

    5. This is one of few textbooks that didn t make me fall asleep while reading for hours With understandable anylisis and detailed examples, it truly is a precious gift for an economics idiot like me

    6. I studied the sixth edition of this book published in 2011 as an introduction to Economics and enjoyed it a lot The content is never presented in a way that s hard to digest, the exercises at the end of each chapter are not complicated if you studied well the material and they re adapted to reality I specially enjoyed the final chapters at the end of the section of Micro and Macroeconomics.

    7. This book provided me with an excellent foundation for further economic study For a textbook, the author writes in a very readable way and explains the concepts extremely well The author does a fair job being neutral however, one can sense his leanings.

    8. I knew what I was getting into, I think, when I started reading the first chapter and found numerous issues with how Mankiw inserts his opinions through the examples he chooses to give, and I m like wtf and then my teacher is no different, so I have a lot of supplementary reading to do after this class ends in a couple weeks to balance out or rather, cleanse out the material I had been given I m in it to gather basic terminology, etc and interestingly, thru this Chicago lens.On Valentine s Day, [...]

    9. It is wonderful for beginners and to understand basic level of certain topics Beside giving a good basic level understanding, it makes reader learned how to develop further reading and to know unsolved topics broadly It teaches but mainly, besides teaching, giving basic reasoning methods to learn further topics in detail.

    10. Not difficult to understand except the part of macroeconomics My first economic book I really appreciate to the author Mankiw, a economic genius who can translate economical language into simple words Perhaps one day, when I am smart enough, I will read the part of macroeconomics again.

    11. Hint for buyers Get the international edition off a used bookseller All the same content for a fraction of the price.

    12. I actually really enjoyed this text book I also think I m going to major in Economics, so maybe not for everyone, but it was ordered in a way that was effective to learn and had really good examples throughout I understand so much now.

    13. I read it to gain some basic understanding of economics It took me about a year to finish it, reading on and off Overall I think it allowed me to achieve just that gain some basic insight into economics.

    14. En una narraci n sencilla y llena de buenos ejemplos, pero al mismo tiempo profunda y llena de implicaciones, Mankiw logra en 36 excelentes cap tulos el libro es largo y grande pero vale la pena brindar al lector un excelente panorama de toda la econom a, desde los conceptos m s b sicos de la econom a oferta, demanda, mercados hasta los conceptos m s complejos de la macroeconom a y sus implicaciones en la pol tica del d a a d a.El libro toma ejemplos hipot ticos para explicar grandes conceptos, [...]

    15. Difference between economics, economy, economic, and economicalThe economy is, the relationship between production, trade and the supply of money in a particular country or region.Economics is a science that studies economies and develops possible models for their functioning, e.g.Economic, without an s , is an adjective meaning connected with economy , e.g.Economical, on the other hand, carries a somewhat gurative meaning of not requiring too much of something such as money, space, time, etc , [...]

    16. Sehr gutes Buch, sehr leicht verst ndlich, Schlussfolgerungen, Zusammenfassungen und bungsaufgaben am Ende jeden Kapitels Macht fast Spa es zu lesen.Einziger Kritikpunkt Ganz oft werden Grafiken auf der n chsten Seite beschrieben, sodass man dauernd am hin und herbl ttern ist Das nervt etwas.

    17. With clear organization, Mankiw lays out what he has identified as the 10 main principles of economics The book gives an in depth, step by step explanation of micro and macro economics, using descriptive scenarios to make the theories concrete With just the right mix of equations, explanations, and real life examples, the book is a great overview of Economics.

    18. This is an excellent text It s the best book I ve ever read on general economics Mankiw writes very clearly and succinctly The examples are very clear and helpful at helping you understand the concepts.

    19. It would be much reader friendly if the size was cut by 70% Sure there s abundance of information but it s also annoyingly redundant like all undergradute textbooks Professors please save lives and be concise Taking 2 stars off for excess of words.

    20. Ich habe das Buch f r die Pr fungsvorbereitung verwendet allererste Wirtschaftspr fung Einf hrung in BWL und VWL und war mehr als begeistert, weil es so wunderbar anschaulich ist Ich hoffe, ich brauche es wieder bald

    21. Bagi mereka yang menikmati subjek ekonomi tanpa mau bersusah payah mengikuti kelas ekonomi, buku ini sangat saya rekomendasikan Meskipun ini termasuk buku text book tapi prof Mankiw memiliki gaya penulisan yang enak untuk dibaca.

    22. Read this half in Spanish undergrad in Venezuela and half in English undergrad in the US It is a very good book about basic economics theory

    23. Very accessible book explaining the main principles of economics Starts from scratch and gives a nice overview for people new to it.

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