Divine Principle

Divine Principle By Sun Myung Moon, Divine Principle None
  • Title: Divine Principle
  • Author: Sun Myung Moon
  • ISBN: 9780910621038
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Divine Principle By Sun Myung Moon, None
    Divine Principle By Sun Myung Moon,
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      Sun Myung Moon

    About "Sun Myung Moon"

    1. Sun Myung Moon

      Sun Myung Moon Korean born Mun Yong myeong was the founder and leader of the worldwide Unification Church He is also the founder of many other organizations and projects One of the best known of these is News World Communications, an international media conglomerate which publishes The Washington Times and other newspapers.

    309 thoughts on “Divine Principle”

    1. The Divine Principle is an excellent book to read if you ever wanted to know the true meaning of the parables in the Bible Reverend Sun Myung Moon helps you to acquire a clear understanding of the Bible and what was being communicated at that time.

    2. I read this one, the red one by Young Oon Kim a different book , the 2 , 4 , and 6 hour versions, and the Exposition of the Principle I thought it was well organized, usually very clear, but did have a couple of sections that didn t seem to apply universally, or parts that were just a bit difficult to relate to The introduction was pleasantly pan religious The section on the Fall of Adam and Eve was one of the most interesting and most persuasive, although I have since then come to see there are [...]

    3. Read the intro and parts of the opening chapters.I think had I taken philosophy 101 I could ve gotten through this with a bit of a struggle, but without it no way Droning on and on about metaphysical reciprocal energies and positing that the world works in such strange ways Ach I m getting frustrated just talking about it.I suppose if you can and or have read the bible, that d be a good start as the book references the bible when it needs some evidence.I m on to read Mere Christianity now and ne [...]

    4. The Most confusing book I ever read and I would say its just another persons interpretation of the Bible and goes into Blasphemous statements like Jesus Failing Moon doesnt even believe in the Bible but merely uses it to trick people into converting.

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