Earth Song

Earth Song By Catherine Coulter, Earth Song Dear Reader Philippa de Beauchamp as impulsive as she is beautiful flees her father s castle when she hears she is to be wed to the repellent Baron de Bridgport But her daring escape in a wool wagon
  • Title: Earth Song
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9780451209276
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Earth Song By Catherine Coulter, Dear Reader Philippa de Beauchamp, as impulsive as she is beautiful, flees her father s castle when she hears she is to be wed to the repellent Baron de Bridgport But her daring escape in a wool wagon quickly becomes a misadventure, and she winds up in the arms of Dienwalk de Fortenberry, a rogue as smooth and bold as Aquitaine wine Soon Philippa finds herself a prisoneDear Reader Philippa de Beauchamp, as impulsive as she is beautiful, flees her father s castle when she hears she is to be wed to the repellent Baron de Bridgport But her daring escape in a wool wagon quickly becomes a misadventure, and she winds up in the arms of Dienwalk de Fortenberry, a rogue as smooth and bold as Aquitaine wine Soon Philippa finds herself a prisoner at Dienwald s castle, where there are mysteries to be solved, villians to be bested, and a stubborn man s heart to be won You ll also meet old friends, Graelam and Kassia de Moreton from Fire Song, as well as the king of England, who is closesr to Philippa than she could ever imagine Journey back to the thirteenth century Cornwall, and let me entertain you
    Earth Song By Catherine Coulter,
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      Catherine Coulter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Earth Song book, this is one of the most wanted Catherine Coulter author readers around the world.

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    1. This story, literally, had me in stitches, each and every time that I read it Dienwald s reaction, when he finds out that he married the bastard daughter of the king was hilarious It could have come off as overdone, but personally, considering the character of Dienwald, it fit perfectly

    2. An atypical romance despite the typical plot Philippa runs away from home due to a misunderstanding and ends up the prisoner of the rough and mercurial Dienwald Despite the typical romance degradations forced stripping, public nudity, sharing beds, foreplay while denying intercourse, spanking, derogatory names, Philippa remains unbroken and actually slowly takes control of his castle, gaining the admiration of his people, ferreting out traitors, until he is the last person to admit she is the la [...]

    3. An Entertaining Installment in the Song SeriesThird in the Song series, and like the others set in 13th century England Cornwall , this tells the story of Philippa de Beauchamp, very tall and impulsive daughter of Lord Henry When she overhears her father planning to wed her to an old man, she runs away and ends up in the castle of Dienwald de Fortenberry, whom we met in FIRE SONG Dienwald s castle is rundown and his people and he dress in rags which I didn t like and felt was unrealistic Held as [...]

    4. This is 3 in the series A medieval If you want to read the rest of the series after reading this one, read the reviews first CC has a real problem with her heroines usually has them raped abused mostly by the hero This one fortunately is without heroine abuse Copyright 1990, my copy is a reissue from 1999 CC has a forward about how she didn t have to rewrite anything In fact, she states, If you don t hold your sides with laughter, then there s something very wrong with you, trust me on this one [...]

    5. A 4 rating as the 3rd in the series Really good story of Philippe and ironic how she comes to wed her husband.

    6. Philippa de Beauchamp has a problem with thinking on her feet and not planning ahead Which is why when she overhears her father saying that he plans to marry her off to some old geezer with no dowry, she makes her escape When the wagon she s in is captured by raiders, she finds herself the prisoner guest of Dienwald de Fortenberry, a rough, uncouth sort of lord who enjoys his raiding and independence She s haughty, witty and loves verbal sparring, but finds her match in Dienwald And he is irrita [...]

    7. I loved this book Loved the main characters and their insults back forth, but yet you could get the feel of what was really going on behind those remarks.Love that Philippa main female character is not a helpless female, but a woman who is educated won t take any crap I respected her even though sometimes she acted before thinking and then had to suffer the consequences which is the base line of this story.Yes, this is a medieval romance, but there is some suspense included, some fairly erotic o [...]

    8. Edit 11 2 17 reread this one as it was the first smutty book I ever read I think the first time I read this was towards the end of high school Reread it again and loved it just as much as I did the first time The dirty medieval sex talk makes me roll my eyes so hard they ll shoot out the back of my head, but I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue and the characters Ayeeee, now I want to reread this series My first foray into Catherine Coulter s books Picked this one up on a whim at Wally world also m [...]

    9. aduh cowo d buku ini dienwald bener2 brengsek deh merlakuin lady terhormat cuma kaya cewe jalanan dikata2in, ditelanjangin d depan umum, dilecehin, dipukulin, di panggil dng sebutan giant, ugly, dsb pdhl heroine nya ga berbuat salah, cuma nyasar k kastil si dienwald uda gt si cewe cuma diem aja, ga kabur, ga dendam,, malah bantuin si dienwald buat ngurus kastil n ga lama mereka berdua jatuh cinta WTFhampir 3 4 buku diabisin buat berantem krn alesan yg ga jelas, maki2an yg berakhir dng foreplay d [...]

    10. A perfect book to read on a LONG road trip Didn t take tons of brain power, big enough print I didn t make myself sick reading in the car, and enjoyable characters A few years ago, I read a reviewer talking about a Rom Com movie and saying, you know how ending is going to bee interesting part is in the journey and I totally agree with that in romance novels too I knew Philippa de Beauchamp and Dienwald de Fortenberry would end up together for a happily ever after no, I don t consider that a spoi [...]

    11. This reminded me of two of my favorite medieval romance books Lady Gallant and Shadowheart The heroes in those novels spoke and acted like Dinewald The big difference here is Philippa is a no nonsense girl and is not a push over I really enjoyed the roundabout way they fell in love It is a fascinating book that paints the picture of an independent female in deeds and words All hail strong, determined and confident women

    12. The main feature of this storyline seemed to be that both characters would make wrong assumptions and over react to situations in an over the top manner I enjoyed the story, but would frequently find myself frustrated with the characters because they just wouldn t think There were some humorous twists and turns that made the story interesting The bad guys were a little predictable, but entertaining nonetheless.

    13. Song Series No 3 Philippa runs away to avoid an unwanted marriage Dienwald is an impoverished Lord that finds her There is a lot of blustering and male bravado I like the lead lady because she is not afraid to knock the stupid man in the head when he needs it I really liked the characters in this one.

    14. i really enjoyed the book it was lighthearted and sometimes silly but very enjoyable none the less the twists and turns were somehow expected but i just wanted to keep on reading and giggling I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys laughter and love

    15. Good readingI enjoy the historical back ground as well as the series and the intertwining of past characters with the new characters from book to book It is like revisiting old friends.

    16. The quality of writing jumped significantly between Fire Song and this book The characters were good, and the plot made sense There were a few issues with typos and a couple of plot holes, but I think those have to do with the editor.

    17. I love these two and all of the side characters It s like the author suddenly realizes that, Hey, rape isn t sexy You know what is fun though A spirited heroine and a stubborn hero This book is fun and the thought of Dienwald as the son in law to the King is hilarious

    18. I couldn t fall in love with the story, mainly because the guy was hooking up with other women instead of his wife Maybe that s what it really was like back then, but not what I like to imagine as warm, fuzzy and romantic story.

    19. I enjoyed Phillipa s adventure that she embarked upon I think the story andcharacters were likeable It was esy for me to read for enjoyment.

    20. What a great story I laughed and cried many times Such wonderful writing and really engaging characters I love this authors work I am currently on a Regency kick and this one was terrific

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