Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal By Eddie Trunk, Eddie Trunk s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Known as a leading expert on all things hard rock and heavy metal Eddie Trunk continues to entertain fans on the radio and as the host of VH Classic s hit television program That Metal Show with his
  • Title: Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal
  • Author: Eddie Trunk
  • ISBN: 9780810998315
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal By Eddie Trunk, Known as a leading expert on all things hard rock and heavy metal, Eddie Trunk continues to entertain fans on the radio and as the host of VH1 Classic s hit television program That Metal Show with his passion for music In his debut book, Eddie discusses his most essential bands, his unique personal experiences with them, his favorite Stump the Trunk anecdotes and triviaKnown as a leading expert on all things hard rock and heavy metal, Eddie Trunk continues to entertain fans on the radio and as the host of VH1 Classic s hit television program That Metal Show with his passion for music In his debut book, Eddie discusses his most essential bands, his unique personal experiences with them, his favorite Stump the Trunk anecdotes and trivia, as well as his favorite playlists Whether you re a classic Metallica or Megadeth metalhead or prefer the hair metal of old school Bon Jovi or Poison, Eddie Trunk s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal salutes all who are ready to rock
    Eddie Trunk's Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal By Eddie Trunk,
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    1. Eddie Trunk

      Eddie Scott Trunk is hard rock and heavy metal historian, radio personality, talk show host, and author, best known as the host of several hard rock and heavy metal themed radio and television shows including VH1 s That Metal Show.

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    1. Being an Eddie Trunk fan since I could remember, it was interesting to hear his personal experiences with the many bands covered here Eddie s a true fan of the music he loves, and has been fortunate enough to make a living out of BEING a fand the respect he gives bands he s not too crazy about such as SLAYER is beyond cool his backstage story of when he and Mike Piazza did shots of Jagermeister with Kerry King is hysterical.Loaded with never before seen pics and plenty of interesting stories, Tr [...]

    2. Overall, a great history of hard rock and heavy metal from a guy who knows the genre It s enlightening to get his insight I learned a few things I didn t know about some of my favorite bands I did skip over a few bands due to lack of interest sorry Rush, not a fan I have a lot of respect for Eddie He is honest, open, and those are valuable virtues

    3. If you are a fan of the heavy metal genre of music, Eddie Trunk s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal is definitely worth checking out It s sort of a Hard Rock 101, if you will, that runs down some of the most important bands in hard music, as well as some of the author s personal favorites I don t always agree with Mr Trunk s opinions and I would not have selected all the same bands had I written a similar book, but you can never fault a book like this over differing opinions The great thing ab [...]

    4. I have what you would call a love hate relationship toward Eddie Trunk On the one hand, he is a brother in arms headbanger that has been one of many the voice out there keeping the Heavy Metal flag flying high and making sure that former bands from the 80 s and 90 s as well as newer hard rock bands stay in the lime light in both print as well as airwaves, be it his radio show or That Metal Show For that I have to give him props where it is earned I ve been a follower of TMS since Episode 1 and t [...]

    5. This is Eddie Trunk s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and the key words in the title are Eddie Trunk There are 35 bands listed and not all of us will agree on which bands are essential To me, Bon Jovi, Sammy Hagar, Poison, Billy Squire, Twisted Sister and UFO you knew Eddie would include them are not essential Especially, if you omit The Who, Pink Floyd and Cream Maybe, Eddie doesn t consider them hard rock like Billy Squire Differences aside, the book itself is a lot of Eddie too much Now, [...]

    6. The redeeming quality about this non fiction book is the fact that Eddie Trunk did not really provide any new historical information about the bands he covers in the work, but that he provides some really nice stories about his experiences via Radio, television The Metal Show and other VH1 programs with the bands His personal details is worth the cover price of the book.Eddie began his career as a hard rock and metal fan as just that, a fan who listened to the bands Out of high school he worked [...]

    7. They key words in Eddie Trunk s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal are Eddy Trunk s Going into this coffee table style book you need to understand that it is semi autobiographical, and every entry is heavy on references to Trunk s own experiences with the artists being profiled Accordingly the artist selection also includes some of Trunk s personal favorites who may not belong on any objective list, particularly Billy Squier, Skid Row, and UFO.If you re a fan of Trunk s radio work or That Metal [...]

    8. An enjoyable recap of 35 essential bands in hard rock heavy metal by Eddie Trunk, host of VH 1 Classic s That Metal Show and longtime rock radio DJ He gives short bios for each band from AC DC to Van Halen and includes insightful fun interesting stories and anecdotes of each from his career in music His story about sitting down for a TV interview with Robert Plant in front of a roaring hotel lobby fireplace is great Plant decides he doesn t want to be interviewed in front of the fireplace At som [...]

    9. Some interesting stories and some not so much.Don t get me wrong I like Eddie Trunk He seems to me to be an authentic and unassuming radio personality Do you remember when we used to call them DJs WKRP in Cincinnati, baby Eddie s got quite an eclectic list of hard rock heavy metal bands in this book Never thought about discussing Sabbath, Poison, Thin Lizzy, Pantera, and Iron Maiden in the same conversation before.The book s a mish mash More like a series of transcripts from Trunk Nation Which i [...]

    10. In one respect, this book was a trip down memory lane reminding me of all the great bands I grew up listening to over the last 40 years On the other hand, it seemed to be of a book about how great it is to be Eddie Trunk rather than how great the music was All of the personal stories seemed to be centered around something wonderful that happened to Eddie rather than providing real insight into the band, its music, or its members True, there was some history and some interesting stories but most [...]

    11. This is a very fun book to read Don t expect a lot of deep analysis on bands this is Eddie Trunk s account of cases with the most famous important bands on the HM HR scene, i.e bands that really influenced the genres Also, you need to read it without prejudice maybe, many of your favorite bands won t be here, but I believe you won t dispute the ones that he included in his book as being the ones that really shaped Metal and Hard Rock.I would disagree with a few Poison Skid Row They didn t influe [...]

    12. When it comes to knowing the back story of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal artists, there is no one who matches Eddie Trunk Rob Halford of Judas Priest describes Eddie as a living, breathing backstage pass, and that is an apt description The man is just plain immersed in the genres And for that, I am grateful.In this light, coffee table softcover this book can be read in a day , Eddie breaks down his favorite bands, listing them in alphabetical order The book itself is slick and glossy, almost over pr [...]

    13. Eddie Trunk is living the dream He s your ordinary average dude obsessed with all things hard rock and heavy metal, but he gets to interview and hang with his idols 24 7 What is so great about this book is that Eddie writes like a fan his unadulterated love for the music and genuine honesty permeates the pages He has interesting stories that any fan of the genre should love, and exposes some trivia even I didn t know He tells his stories with the bands, along with the band s story, in a fun to r [...]

    14. I m still browsing Trunk s books, and I am admittedly not going to read every word I am not interested in all of the bands and performers Trunk provides information, stories, and his insight about the top players in hard rock and heavy metal His enthusiasm comes through Fans can debate about which performers should have been or should not have been included Personally, I am annoyed that Poison is in volume 1 and Ratt a superior band IMHO was relegated to a footnote, only to get full treatment in [...]

    15. Excellent, informative book from a man who clearly loves his subject One thing I appreciated is how Trunk made me realize how even bands that I hate, like Motorhead, contributed something important to hard rock and heavy metal I enjoyed reading about Trunk s personal stories with these bands, as well as the recommended playlist to get to know the work of each band he features I eagerly await the sequel TIP do not buy this on Nook Kindle at least the non tablet versions There are lots of ticket s [...]

    16. I like Eddie Trunk, and this is a pretty fun read, and though it sounds like some sort of guide, the title is a bit misleading It s of his own personal experiences and encounters with the musicians included, as well as his assessment of the selected artists he chose to include I enjoyed it, but I do kind of wish Mr Trunk would try to expand his horizons a bit There have been a lot of great and influential bands since the 80s, but Trunk seems to be stuck in decades past The newest band included [...]

    17. Eddie Trunk writes like the fan he is Hard rock and metal course through his veins He tells the stories of the bands and their songs and then tells us about his personal experiences as a fan, a DJ, and AR man for Megaforce records While his love for this music and these bands is obvious throughout he is not afraid to critize them when he does not like something the do or perform Check out the chapter on KISS for proof of this.

    18. Nice photography and written well but a bit of a fluff piece if you ask me Not much new material for people familiar with the subject At times the author seems hesitant to write harshly about his subjects Truck did admit to not liking portions of an artists discography but I could tell he was holding back I m sure he s worried about severing ties to difficult to reach artists All in all a good book for beginners new to the scene but a light read for us old timers.

    19. Eddie s style is a perfect way to be introduced to some new bands or just learn about some bands you already knew Reading this book, you can hear Eddie talking, almost like you re just sitting in your living room flipping through albums The personal stories add a great touch and a level of intimacy that most books don t give Eddie s access to the bands he talks about makes all the difference in the book.

    20. I applaud Eddie Trunk for endlessly promoting and championing heavy metal hard rock His book is commentary on his favorite bands, their catalog and Eddie s favorite songs of said bands I thought it was an enjoyable read and can even be used as a reference to the featured band s discography Long live rock and roll and the people who make it

    21. I m a big fan of Eddie Trunk and That Metal Show because of Eddie s knowledge of music, and his great interviewing skills This book was great for the traditional and non traditional hard rock music lover I liked reading all the side stories about the bands and their members as well as viewing Eddie s top playlist for each band Great book

    22. Nice compilation of Hard Rock by That Metal Show s Eddie Trunk Learned a lot about the bands Didn t mind that a lot centered around Eddie s experience with them but would have liked to see information about some of the songs and albums Enjoyed the format of the book and will be reading the second one.

    23. Overal, I have to say I was somewhat disappointed with the first half of the book I may have been too hyped for it but found that I already knew most of what was included in these segments I would still recommend the book but wavered on whether 3 or 4 stars was accurate but opted for the later because it finished off much better I will still read the second and hope for the third soon after.

    24. Great read, brought back so many great memories I used Eddie s top list for each band to create spotify playlists and now listen to songs I haven t heard in many years Looking forward to his next book.

    25. This was a much better book than I thought it would be There are some great stories in it Trunk can come across as a pompous blow hard, but if you can look past that, I think you ll really enjoy it.

    26. A fun book that covers a lot of the bands I grew up with While a little of Eddie goes a long way, you have to appreciate all the contacts he has been able to make that are in the genre of music he loves Excellent pictures and stories.And easy and fun read.

    27. Received this as a gift Not something I would normally read, but I enjoyed reading about a band or two a day as a change of pace.

    28. Tells about various artists in sorta a A Z complimentary way, or such Excellent read on Heavy Metal bands.

    29. This book is for someone like me Who is young, didn t come up during the era of classic hard rock and heavy metal, and has a real hunger and passion to learn as much about it as possible

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