A Path Less Traveled

A Path Less Traveled By Cathy Bryant, A Path Less Traveled Contemporary Christian Texas Romance A grief stricken single mom her traumatized little boy and the new lawyer in town who loves them both Trish James is tired of being rescued When a spooked horse
  • Title: A Path Less Traveled
  • Author: Cathy Bryant
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  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Path Less Traveled By Cathy Bryant, Contemporary Christian Texas Romance A grief stricken single mom, her traumatized little boy, and the new lawyer in town who loves them both Trish James is tired of being rescued When a spooked horse claims her husband s life, she s determined to blaze a path for herself and her traumatized son without outside help Unfortunately, her attempts to run her own busines Contemporary Christian Texas RomanceA grief stricken single mom, her traumatized little boy, and the new lawyer in town who loves them both Trish James is tired of being rescued When a spooked horse claims her husband s life, she s determined to blaze a path for herself and her traumatized son without outside help Unfortunately, her attempts to run her own business as an artist and wedding planner just doesn t pay the bills But will that mean leaving her hometown of Miller s Creek the place etched on her heart Andy Tyler has had to struggle for everything, and starting a new law practice in Miller s Creek, Texas is no different Though prepared for business challenges, he s not prepared for falling in love especially with yet another woman who will probably abandon him for her career Will Andy and Trish be able to fully trust in God and take a path less traveled Interview With The AuthorQ Why write stories about a small fictional town in Texas A I grew up in a small Texas town, so I know all the pros and cons and absolute blessings of living in a place like Miller s Creek a laid back, down home lifestyle, wonderful folks, and even a few who think it s their job to know everyone s personal business The stories were designed to give readers an experience of feeling like they ve arrived at a place that feels like home Although the Miller s Creek novels are technically classified as romances, they re really so much southern fiction, women s fiction though I have a surprisingly high amount of men readers , suspense, comedy, drama, even a little bit of psychological thriller thrown in to keep readers turning pages And each of the books carry a distinctive spiritual theme as well as an overall journey theme for the series Hence words like roads, path, way, pilgrimage, and bridge in the titles Q In what order should the books be read A The books were created as stand alone novels, so they can be read in any order However, if you have OCD issues like me, you might want to read them in the order in which they were written TEXAS ROADS A PATH LESS TRAVELED THE WAY OF GRACE PILGRIMAGE OF PROMISE A BRIDGE UNBROKEN and its companion Bible study on the theme of forgiveness, THE FRAGRANCE OF CRUSHED VIOLETS CROSSROADS Coming Soon Q So why will readers be interested in the Miller s Creek novels A Based on reader reviews, I d say the books are compelling reads for these five main reasons 1 They make readers laugh one minute and tear up the next 2 They offer plenty of conflict and tension to keep readers turning pages 3 The setting is compelling Some readers have compared Miller s Creek to Mayberry, only Texas style And I ve lost count of how many readers have told me they want to live in Miller s Creek 4 The characters are endearing and relatable 5 The books themes are spiritually impactful In addition, all the books are rated at 4.5 stars or higher Q Have any plans to bundle the series into a collection A Actually the first three books have been bundled Readers can check out my author page for a full list of my book titles, including the collection And a big shout out to my reader friends Thanks for reading Miller s Creek Novels eBook Categories Inspirational Fiction Inspirational Romance
    A Path Less Traveled By Cathy Bryant,
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      Now that Cathy has moved her books to a faith based writing ministry, all of her eBooks can be downloaded for free if you would like to support her ministry whether financially, in prayer, or by sharing the books with others please visit this page for info cathybryantbooks.wordpressTEXAS ROADS Book 1 Christian contemporary romance cathybryantbooks.wordpressA PATH LESS TRAVELED Book 2 Christian contemporary romance cathybryantbooks.wordpressTHE WAY OF GRACE Book 3 Christian contemporary romantic suspense cathybryantbooks.wordpressPILGRIMAGE OF PROMISE Book 4 Christian contemporary historical love story cathybryantbooks.wordpressA BRIDGE UNBROKEN Book 5 Christian contemporary romantic suspense cathybryantbooks.wordpressCROSSROADS Book 6 Christian contemporary romance cathybryantbooks.wordpressSTILL I WILL FOLLOW Book 7 Christian contemporary romantic suspense cathybryantbooks.wordpressOther Fiction by Cathy Bryant PIECES ON EARTH Contemporary Christian novella about finding God s peace in life s pieces cathybryantbooks.wordpress

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    1. This book was one of those where I knew exactly what was going to happen on page two While this isn t always a problem when it s a romance I don t like romances that have the wrong kind of surprises, like the couple not ending up together this one was a bit different The attraction between the couples begins almost immediately, which means the resistance of one or other of the couple also begins immediately This made it a frustrating read for me, as there was antagonism between the two leads fro [...]

    2. A Path Less Traveled by Cathy BryantHave read the prior books in this series so I am familiar with the characters but it can be read as a stand alone as you are brought up to date.Starts out with Trish and her son and she s helping with her brother Steve, the mayor s wedding to Dani Dani s friend Adam has returned as they were friends from college and he helped set up the money to revitalize the town, using her inherited money.Like how the previous one is similar to this where things just go so [...]

    3. Book 2 is as awesome as book 1 There is a danger in not letting the Lord or others help us when we need it I wanted to slap the main character many times, but I knew I d have to slap myself too I m glad she finally realized that she couldn t do it all by herself Are you one of those people who, like me, tries to do that If so, this book is for you.

    4. Trish James is a young, recently widowed mother who wants nothing than to make it on her own She is financially struggling, but does not want anyone to rescue her or her son, Little Bo, despite multiple offers from family members Determined to prove to everyone she is capable of taking care of herself and Bo, she starts up a small, design business in Miller s Creek She soon discovers there is not much of a demand for her line of work in the small town and begins to entertain the thought of movi [...]

    5. A recently widowed woman is tired of being rescued Though surrounded by friends and family, Trish is determined to blaze a path for herself and her daddy starved little boy without outside help Unfortunately, her attempts to run a small town business just doesn t pay the piles of bills Though the new attorney in town, Andy, seems interested in both her and little Bo, the timing is all wrong At heart, she s a small town girl, but will her current life circumstances mean leaving Miller s Creek Thi [...]

    6. Well, Cathy Bryant has done it again See, she has this nasty little habit of writing wonderful books that get me all choked up and emotional, causing anyone around me witnessing the display to make fun of me I guess I ll just have to forgive her and continue to read her wonderful stories A Path Less Traveled is part of the Miller s Creek Series and if I may say, the best one yet granted there have only been two so far, who knows maybe the third will top them all If you are a regular follower of [...]

    7. The tradition of a beautiful story wrapped up in wholesome Christian values continues in this second novel in the series.When I wrote my review for Texas Roads, I had no idea how much I would grow to love the characters in Miller s Creek I just knew I had to continue reading on, and see who or what happens next Cathy, accolades to you in doing such a wonderful job of keeping the story flowing, keeping the readers interests and keeping with God I appreciated every word and ate it all up.Thank yo [...]

    8. A sweet story There were a few uber Christian moments early on that made me think this book would be a turnoff, but that heavy handed approach didn t continue throughout the book I really liked Andy, the love interest in this story so than Trish, the main character Overall, an enjoyable read I ll look for in this series.

    9. .I was disappointed that a single, Christian, mother with a strong support system, turns her back on everyone and tries to do everything herself to the point of starving her child of nutrition and emotional guidance I guess I shouldn t criticize, but it was beyond my comprehension.A Christian romance, for me, should reflect inspiration Again, this series seems to dwell on the hardships and glaze over the inspiration, then jump to an abrupt conclusion.

    10. Incredible Book based on my favorite Scripture I absolutely loved this Novel by Cathy Bryant It was my first but will not be my last I would will recommend this book to Everyone because I think it really teaches you how to deal with grief, PTSD, being a single mother, family issues, money problems, etc And also how you should listen to the Lord and he will make your path straight

    11. The Path Less Traveled was a great book by Cathy Bryant Cathy is a great author and is always an inspiration Trish main character taught us a lesson in remembering to listen and lean on God It is a lesson a lot of us have already been taught but sometimes we need to be reminded that if we lean on God and listen to him, he will light our path Thanks Cathy

    12. RepetitiveHard for me to accept the premise that a guy would fall for a lady who was so bristley every time they met Then move his business after a few weeks I get the message with the Bible passages, just don t feel the story was believable.

    13. Touching A Path Less Traveled is a story that had a powerful message for me In my opinion this story is not overtly preachy but the message to me was clear Again great characters that made me care and touched my emotions.

    14. This was my kind of love story Contemporary and given to many twists and turns I do think, however, that sometimes the main characters reacted in ways that were ever so slightly unrealistic Just really enjoyed this novel.

    15. Enchanting christian romance,Miller Creek series just keeps on giving Great insight on learning to trust in GOD,I am enjoying this series very much,also enjoyed this bible verse one of my favs

    16. Book 2I didn t care about Trish s story I didn t like her I don t like her Ive never felt like that about a character before I m glad Little Bo is going to have a dad.

    17. Another look Great story, makes you wonder if you took the right direction or not There s was right can t wait for the next one.

    18. Goodthis book is which is all about how this young woman after hers husband s death needed to learn how to accept help from family and friends.

    19. Great readThe book is a great read it faith and trust even in the time of trial It also teAches us that prayer and the word of God will sustain us in all of our endeavors.

    20. I love series books where you can connect to a community This is a very good read.good characters, good story line, good Christian influence.

    21. Wonderful storyGlad to review this book It is realistic and has a great story line Happy to recommend it to anyone.

    22. We met Trish James in Texas Roads as a vivacious, young woman married to the local vet and the mother of a precious little boy Her life has changed in unimaginable ways This is a wonderful story about trying to find your path after suffering a terrible loss When a couple gets married part of the vows are in sickness and health until death us do part , I don t think a lot of people actually think the death part will occur for many years, but the fact is no one is promised tomorrow Unfortunately f [...]

    23. It has been some time back that I won this book through Cathy Bryant I want to thank her for this book, and declare I received this book for free It was my choice to read and review it.Trish James and her young son Little Bo live in the small Texas town of Miller s Creek Trish has strong ties to this community Her family and friends are supportive of her and Little Bo s new life after Doc s sudden death Trish has a business that she hopes will thrive in this area Her Austin, Texas friend encoura [...]

    24. Trish James is a young widow with a traumatized six year old son who saw his father die when a horse kicked him Trish is in financial straits but refuses to let anyone know, including her family, because she doesn t want anyone s help Starting a business as an artist and a wedding planner is hard enough and in a small town like Miller s Creek it s even tougher What can she possibly do Andy Tyler relocates to Miller s Creek with a new law practice and volunteers as the coach for Trish s son Bo s [...]

    25. A Path Less Traveled is book 2 in the Miller s Creek series by Cathy Bryant Book 2 is a very good book and has a lot of suspense as well as romance Trisha has become a widow with a small boy to raise Although she belonged to a fairly wealthy family, she was almost broke since she had let Doc s life insurance drop while he was fighting for his life after being kicked by a horse Trisha is trying to open an interior design business in Miller s Creek but wasn t having much success Her brother and hi [...]

    26. All I can say is wow Cathy Bryant is a new to me author, and I feel honored to have been able to read her amazing book In the opening of the book we get a glimpse of the chaos that is going on in Trish James life Widowed less than a year ago when a horse kicked her husband, she has taken on the responsibility of being a single mother, running a new business While most people think that she should have plenty of money, that isn t the case, she is struggling financially, because of a simple oversi [...]

    27. A PATH LESS TRAVELED, the second installment in the Miller s Creek series by Cathy Bryant was a great follow up to TEXAS ROADS Trish James, a struggling single parent is barely getting by Losing her husband months earlier in a freak accident, she has to figure out how she and her young son, Bo, are going to make it without him With financial troubles looming overhead, a fledging business barely surviving, and Bo suffering from all the signs of PTSD, a stubborn Trish refuses to ask her family for [...]

    28. This is the first book I have read from Cathy Bryant, but it certainly won t be my last The dramatic tension in this book was riveting and readers are kept guessing until the end what decision Trish will make This book provokes a lot of important questions which would make it great for a book club such as when is it too soon to move on after mourning Why do women sometimes see asking for help as a personal weakness How do you help someone who is in pain when they only want to isolate themselves [...]

    29. Cathy Bryant is one of today s leading writers of Christian fiction This novel touches the heart and soul of the reader I don t know how she is able to capture the intense emotions of a recent widow without having experienced it herself It has to be a God thing I lost my husband seven years ago and I have felt every emotion,every fear,every heartache that she describes in this book But unlike so many books I have read over the years, this book is filled with realism The characters are real peopl [...]

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