Homesick By Roshi Fernando, Homesick A stunning debut novel about an extended Sri Lankan family a kaleidoscopic view of contemporary immigrant life by turns darkly funny sad poignant and uproariously beautiful From the winner of the
  • Title: Homesick
  • Author: Roshi Fernando
  • ISBN: 9781907605024
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Homesick By Roshi Fernando, A stunning debut novel about an extended Sri Lankan family a kaleidoscopic view of contemporary immigrant life, by turns darkly funny, sad, poignant, and uproariously beautiful.From the winner of the 2009 Impress Prize for New Writers U.K and finalist for the Sunday Times Short Story Award, a stunning debut novel about an extended Sri Lankan family a kaleidoscopic vA stunning debut novel about an extended Sri Lankan family a kaleidoscopic view of contemporary immigrant life, by turns darkly funny, sad, poignant, and uproariously beautiful.From the winner of the 2009 Impress Prize for New Writers U.K and finalist for the Sunday Times Short Story Award, a stunning debut novel about an extended Sri Lankan family a kaleidoscopic view of contemporary immigrant life, by turns darkly funny, sad, poignant, and uproariously beautiful It s New Year s Eve 1982 At Victor and Nandini s home in southeast London, the family and their friends gather to ring in the new year Whiskey and arrack have been poured, poppadoms are freshly fried, and baila music is on the stereo Upstairs, the teenagers have gathered around the television to watch The Godfather again while drinking pilfered wine Moving back and forth in time, from the 1970s to the present day, and from London to Sri Lanka and back again, we follow Victor and Nandini s children Rohan, Gehan, and in particular dyslexic Preethi funny, brash, and ultimately fragile We also meet troubled Lolly and her beautiful sister Deirdre wonderful Auntie Gertie and terrible Kumar, whose dark deed will haunt the family.
    Homesick By Roshi Fernando,
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      396 Roshi Fernando
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    1. Roshi Fernando

      Roshi Fernando grew up in southeast London and received her Ph.D in creative writing from Swansea University She was a finalist for the Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award in 2011 She lives in the Cotswolds with her family

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    1. Onvan Homesick Nevisande Roshi Fernando ISBN 1907605029 ISBN13 9781907605024 Dar 202 Safhe Saal e Chap 2010

    2. I wanted to love this book A friend recommended this, knowing I eat up everything Sri Lankan Unfortunately, this wasn t the case There were whole sections where I felt yes yes yes Ms Fernando captured the unexpected, the casual defilement of innocence, the inexplicable sense of being caught between , the moving depictions of characters Ms Fernando knows how to write character.But often I found myself lost Perhaps this reflects on me as reader than on Ms Fernando as writer The strands were too f [...]

    3. Roshi Fernando writes beautifully and I am very excited to hear that a new publisher has just bought her next two novels Homesick is a series of beautifully written stories interwoven to reveal the range of emotions and experiences of Sri Lankans in the UK She brilliantly invokes the music and the food to create a warm atmosphere of Sri Lankan family life, but doesn t fail to ignore the perils and heartache that even second and third generation Sri Lankan British people can face A wonderful, fas [...]

    4. Homesick reads like a collection of short stories that are tied together by one central family, Preethi s family The chapters tell the story of a different character, with multiple chapters told from Preethi s point of view Stories range from a wedding, would be terrorist, a rocky marriage, father trying to connect with his son, etc Of course, that doesn t begin to describe the true stories that are being told in these chapters.I was selected to receive an advanced copy of Homesick to read and [...]

    5. It is New Year s Eve, 1982, and the whole gang is at Victor and Nandini s house The Godfather is on repeat upstairs Baila music is blaring from the record player in the lounge Poppadoms are frying in the kitchen And Preethi, tipsy on youth and friendship and covert cigarettes out the window, just wants to belong This book is essentially a collection of short stories, with several characters resurfacing later on in subsequent stories, or appearing as secondary ones in other stories They all chron [...]

    6. Roshi weaves a series of short stories about the lives of Sri Lankan immigrant families into an excellent, readable and thought provoking composite novel It is beautifully written, easy to read and has a depth of feeling and thought that is not overplayed but still hits hard I hope she writes she could be one of the greats.

    7. This is a surprising book of interconnected short stories following the lives of different people in the Sri Lankan community they retain their identity in the midst of war at home and their children s identity in rascist London with its dual personality of the place that is a haven of safety for them The stories range from 1983 to present day the children all confront identity issues in different ways, sexual identity gay, lesbian, bi sexual, whether to conform to the compelling drive of their [...]

    8. I stuck it out as long as I could Just couldn t get into the writing style Some of the stories I couldn t find a character to be invested in It happens On to things that I find enjoyable.

    9. Roshi Fernando is a relatively new Sri Lankan novelist Her comfort zone is short stories she won the Impress Prize for New Writers in 2009 and was a finalist for the Sunday Times short story award Homesick is about the lives of a Sri Lankan family living in London, and the people they encounter The author herself lives in London, and I feel she accurately portrayed what it s actually like to be an immigrant family that sense of always being a second class citizen, of struggling to make ends meet [...]

    10. Homesick by Roshi Fernando comes very, very close to being the novel her publisher Random House claims right on the cover that it is but alas a novel it is not However it isn t quite the dreaded interconnected short stories either It is a series of life studies and it is wonderful How is that possible when it isn t successful as a novel or a short story collection In Homesick, Preethi is a part of the large, extended Sri Lankan family living in London Her journey from child to adult is the unde [...]

    11. There s so much to love about this book and some aspects that fail and put a damper on the good parts It s told as a series of connecting short stories, the first story introduces the entire host of characters that come into play later on and are re introduced in other ways Some are very disconnected and have no connection to the central storyline e.g the turtle I loved the stories that focused on Preethi, throughout different stages of her life and I feel the book as a whole would have been su [...]

    12. So many characters were introduced in so few pages that I had trouble keeping them straight And when I did learn about them, I didn t like them and, ore importantly, didn t care what happened to them For me, that means the book is a failure The writing was disjointed, probably intentionally so that the various stories come together To me, it just seemed choppy.The story was filled with cruel people doing stupid things I ve read quite a few novels about emigration and assimilation or lack thereo [...]

    13. Sri Lanken expats and native born ethnic Sri Lankans born English are who this books centers around Others have said they are interconnected short stories but I thought it was a novel What is home Is it where you are born Is it where you grow up Is it your family Can you long for a home that you have not been to The characters become real for me and I felt their pain and longing There is a fairly large cast of characters and I wished I had learned about some of them I did learn something about [...]

    14. This book is labeled a novel but it doesn t work as one After 100 pages I accepted it as a collection of short stories and that worked slightly better But in fact it s supposed to be a novel So after flopping between the genres I give it a moderate rating The characters aren t developed enough to care about them and the stories do not come together even in the final two chapters when lives become intertwined But the theme of immigrants not belonging in either of their countries and family member [...]

    15. An extended family in Britain gathers to celebrate New Year s Day in South London They are immigrants with some children native born British In a format that is similar to short stories locked inside a novel, individual members of the family tell their story The book is not chronological and can be confusing at times but I found the book well worth the effort There are many characters here and they all have stories to tell.

    16. I liked the writing and the first chapter story , in which we re introduced to a community of Sri Lankan expatriates in London Subsequent chapters are devoted to individuals in the community over a span of time The quality of the stories varied, and many of the characters lives turned outbadly I wouldn t recommend this book, but I ll keep my eyes open for new books by this author in the future.

    17. Homesick is about Sri Lankan immigrants to Britain and the problems they encounter with assimilation Each chapter focuses on different people or another time and place for the same people It made for a lot of back and forth between chapters trying to place the characters This is not a style I enjoy Roshi Fernando writes beautifully with an astute social commentary I would recommend this book to readers who are open to an unstructured storyline or who appreciate short stories.

    18. Short stories based on people who have links to Sri Lanka I did get a bit confused with who was who but really enjoyed most of the stories It was interesting to see how the characters evolved over the years but all the time the sense of not belonging prevailed Some lovely descriptions of Sri Lanka.

    19. Still a bit confused about some of the character s and how the fit into it all like kumar and the time, reason and when he left prison the turtles and the eggs like uhhh i nuh get it help me understand or do I have to read the book over shed silent tears when Preeti almost killed herself was an ok book

    20. I was never able to connect all of the stories in this novel or really, collection of stories It bounced around characters and timelines a little too much I enjoyed many of the stories, especially the last few.

    21. Best described as a series of snapshots, loosely connected by related characters I enjoyed reading once I stopped trying to connect people timelines places This book captured the feeling of London, in the perspective of a culture that I didn t experience while I lived there.

    22. Too many people to keep track of I failed and too much jumping around And, really, what was the point of this book

    23. Vignettes about Sri Lankans living in England, We see various characters at various times of their lives ranging from childhood to old age.

    24. Characters were confusing at times, however, I really needed this book and I m glad of the world it let me crawl into.

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