Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child

Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child By Anthony M. Esolen, Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child Esolen shows how imagination is snuffed out at practically every turn and then he confronts contemporary trends in parenting and schooling by reclaiming lost traditions This practical insightful boo
  • Title: Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child
  • Author: Anthony M. Esolen
  • ISBN: 9781935191889
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child By Anthony M. Esolen, Esolen shows how imagination is snuffed out at practically every turn, and then he confronts contemporary trends in parenting and schooling by reclaiming lost traditions This practical, insightful book is essential reading for any parent.
    Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child By Anthony M. Esolen,
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    1. Anthony M. Esolen

      Anthony M Esolen is a professor of English at Thomas More College, and noted translator of classic works, as well as a popular writer for magazines like the Claremont Review and Touchstone, of which he is a senior editor He has translated Dante s Divine Comedy, Lucretius On the Nature of Things, and Torquato Tasso s Jerusalem Delivered He also writes a column for the Inside Catholic website.After graduating from Princeton University summa cum laude in 1981, he received his MA in 1983 and then his Ph.D in 1987 from the University of North Carolina His dissertation was titled A Rhetoric of Spenserian Irony He taught at that university from 1985 to 1988 and then at Furman University from 1988 to 1990 He began teaching at Providence College in 1990, becoming a full professor in 1995 He joined the faculty of Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts in 2017.

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    1. I tend to enjoy most books I read easily entertained, I guess , but don t let my low book standards detract from my statement that this is one of the best books I ve ever read While it appears to be a book on child raising and sort of is , I d recommend it to anyone, parent or not The author is clearly brilliant, but he s also hilarious Several times throughout the book he d make a joke in a very intellectual and sarcastic manner and I d have to read it again just to convince myself did he reall [...]

    2. This book made me understand better how most of my own imagination was destroyed I think I can get some of it back, and look forward to exploring the world a lot The only problem is that I m now an adult, when I should have been a man by now That can be fixed, too There are two main reasons to read this book The first is as I have already indicated you can see where the locusts have devoured in your own life, and work to replace those years The second is for the sake of your own children If you [...]

    3. Maybe this book objectively deserves than two stars But two stars is how I feel about it Modernity is all bad good old days were all good Blah blah blah.One note at the outset though This book really should be titled Ten Ways To Destroy the Imagination of Your Boy, because girls get the short shrift Any study of women in history is derided as feminist propaganda The only activities mentioned as being appropriate for girls are a churning butter, b singing folks songs in a broom closet, or c eati [...]

    4. Bravissimo This is not a book only for parents This is a book for those who love to read, to write, to imagine, for those who still believe in fairies and dragons It is for those who love to think and soar at the same time It is a book for those who know that we are living in God s story.

    5. For in that deep quiet of the heat we hear things We hear that the world as we know it is passing away We are passing away Yet the world is beautiful, and good is no illusion Evil is the illusion it is weak, a shadow, a parody of good, a specter This is one of the most glorious things I ve ever read.

    6. Still not quite finished with this book but my enthusiasm is definitely lagging The books started off saying with biting succinctness what we are already know as the failure of education and child rearing, the poison of our plush society and the fear we all live under that keeps our kids and ourselves for experiencing life so that the dangers of society don t hurt us However as I read on the satirical tone made me and realize this author is preaching to the choir and it began to feel like read [...]

    7. When I got to the chapter on Never Leave Children to Themselves , I almost stopped reading this book The author s description of the lifeskills involved in something as simple as a pickup game of baseball, and the reminder that such things have been replaced by adult organized soccer leagues, broke my heart I don t think of myself as a young pioneer, but I have many fond memories of playing outside with neighborhood kids, left to our own devices and imaginations Yet my children s lives look so v [...]

    8. I absolutely loved parts of this book and other parts I was not so sure about.The funny thing is, my wife checked this book out of the library thinking it was a parenting book She expected a series of ten things to avoid, for they would destroy your child s imagination It is not that sort of book at all Instead, it is a snarky critique of the ways contemporary culture already works to destroy the imagination of children That said, there are lessons in here for parents.Much of what Esolen says is [...]

    9. This book demands our urgent attention As an unlikely childcare provider for a decade, I ve had a unique vantage point from which to observe our cultural confusion My peers are the people who use childcare, and whose wealth and power allows them to make the rules that govern us The tragic irony is these are people who have never changed a diaper until they ve had a child, who know very little about children, who have been isolated in a strange urban elite environment with no exposure to poverty, [...]

    10. I read this book a couple of months ago, just getting around to writing the review But do NOT take this as an indication that the book was not satisfactory This is my favorite book of 2011 thus far I do not expect it to be overtaken, although it is a possibility.Esolen writes with wit, humor, and great insight Reading this book reminded me of reading The Screwtape Letters Esolen writes as if you want to destroy the imagination of your child This makes him funny and insightful.I hadn t gotten thr [...]

    11. Esolen is a favorite author of mine, and while I did enjoy this book, I think it misses the mark not in content, but in form His Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of your Child is written in the style of the Screwtape, a conceit that is perhaps designed to justify the periodically sarcastic tone of Esolen s thoughts on the subject of the formation of children s minds Not that such sarcasm is unjustified certainly not so much of what he points out as laughably inadequate to the task of initiati [...]

    12. I loved the writing style of Esolen in this book He incorporates sarcasm, real life stories, and passages from classics to drive home his point One point that he made is that we tend to laugh at what we don t understand That truly struck me bc I realized how true that really is in our current society Where has our humility gone I m not sure that he mentioned anything that I hadn t already heard, but this book was an excellent reminder of how easy it is as a grownup to squash the imagination of m [...]

    13. Esolen takes a few cues from C.S Lewis in this acerbic attack on the flattening of the human experience especially, but not exclusively, during its childhood beginnings Esolen writes like a Chesterton with his classical references and contrarian attitude, but the structure of the book borrows from The Screwtape Letters by taking the antagonistic position suggested by the title And the book s theme is surely inspired by another Lewis book, The Abolition of Man Esolen uses weaponized sarcasm to de [...]

    14. By the translator of the Divine Comedy, this is a tremendous attack on the erosion and dismantling of the imagaination of our children Here are the ten ways 1 Keep your children in doors as much as possible 2 Never leave children to themselves 3 Replace the fairy tale with political cliches and fads 4 Keep children away from machines and machinists 5 Cast aspersions upon the heroic and the patriotic 6 Cut all heroes down to size 7 Reduce all talk of love to narcissism and sex 8 Level distinction [...]

    15. Too bad he mucks up some essentially good common sense ideas with myopic religious conservative claptrap topped with a sour cherry of relentless, grating, condescension So it goes Admittedly, I should have known better See also, his Defending Marriage 12 Arguments for Sanity for example Instead of stopping at 12 Arguments fine the r Sanity part belies his rigidity, arrogance and reliance on scathing sarcasm to belittle any dissention to his worldview guaranteeing that only those who agree with t [...]

    16. Anthony Esolen makes some good points about the way today s Western, middle class children are herded and organised all the hours of the day However, it seems that he is arguing the only way a child i.e a boy should be brought up is as he was, and his arguments are largely from nostalgia The raising of girls doesn t seem to be a feature of his thinking.

    17. I would give this book ten stars if I could It should be required reading for anyone with children.Esolen writes in the form of irony He tells you all the effective ways that will kill your child s imagination, sense of wonder, creativity, appreciation for nature, a healthy view of love and sex and body image, and sense of the transcendental His narration is bitingly sarcastic and might not be appreciated by everyone, especially if you don t agree with him.Each chapter breaks down exactly how to [...]

    18. Review on my blog thereadingmother 2016 07 1 Consider what happens to people whose night skies are spangled with constellations like The Master of Hestviken, or Moby Dick, or The Brothers Karamazov These people are hard to fool They are also hard to enlist in pursuit of the trivial and ephemeral It is as if we had given them a powerful telescope atop a high mountain, and shown them how to use it, and directed their attention to the Orion nebula, and once they had learned to do so and to love the [...]

    19. I first saw this book in the ISI site s bookstore and was pleased to find it at the public library inter library loan I d highly recommend it to anyone with children and wish I d read it earlier in my home schooling career There are definitely some things I d consider doing differently based on the opinions given here I may buy a copy so I can reread it periodically.There are many quotable passages, but this one, in a chapter entitled Cast Aspersions upon the Heroic and Patriotic, finally moved [...]

    20. In Ten Ways, Anthony Esolen presents in delightfully witty and satirical prose a surefire recipe for stunting a child s innate wonder and imagination Of course, Esolen intends to encourage exactly the opposite, but he uses this conceit as a clever and effective arrow to skewer his true target the ideas, practices and institutions pervading American society that hinder the effective fostering and nurturing of children s imaginative capacities In Esolen s crosshairs is the dull minded imposition u [...]

    21. Wow What an incredible read I recognize that the of his material that I read, the enad I become with the way that Anthony Esolen writes I recently listened to a podcast with Esolen featured as the guest, so it was neat to put his voice to the reading, and it made it all the intriguing to read.As a reviewer said earlier, this book demands attention of all people immediately We, are losing interest in our own humanity and its dignity at a rapid pace as we deem our humanity as disposable as if i [...]

    22. This book is indeed about ten ways to destroy the imagination of a child, but is done is a very tongue and cheek way He basically shows what is desirable, what will foster imagination, in a child, and then why we must not have that, and what we must do instead I am torn between three and four stars for the book, because while I generally agree with what he is saying, he lost me many times I felt dumb sometimes, because I am not an English lit professor like he is I ve never read Dante, or Virgil [...]

    23. If you have studied anything by Tolkien or Lewis, to name a few, or the model and method of Classical Education, or the Bible, or spent two minutes analyzing the decline of our society, there will be nothing new in this book That said, it s still a delightful read, and the author s ability to draw evidence from the Greeks to Dante to stickball is compelling and convincing His historical scope is deep, his writing clear and forceful, and his cynicism sharp and often eye opening I only wonder if r [...]

    24. If there is a point to this book, it s buried miles deep beneath long passages of classic works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and the author s own barely relevant reminiscences this guy really loves to hear himself talk He also takes a bizarre point of view where instead of making recommendations, or analyzing.hinghe positions himself to sarcastically comment on modern parenting tactics that destroy the imagination of children Far from practical, this is basically an English 101 primer int [...]

    25. I was really looking forward to reading this book, but I was sadly disappointed I did not enjoy the overall tone of the book It seemed sarcastic, and further I felt he seemed to look down his nose at his reader I m sure this is not mood he was trying to convey, but that is how it struck me I actually liked what he was trying to say, I just didn t enjoy the way it was delivered I think a book that speaks of these same topics, without the reference to all the books the author has read is Kim Payne [...]

    26. Faithful are the wounds of a friend, the Scripture says Anthony Esolen is a friend of Western Culture which is good, because it s running short on friends these days He wounds in all the ways a friend should His satire is biting but meant to build up His cultural criticism cuts deep, but only because he aims to remove the cancer that is killing us If you do not think our culture is in decline, read this and remember where we came from.

    27. Certainly a thought provoking book, to say the least More scholarly than I expected While I definitely considered my own children while reading this book, it was also interesting to read and see how my own imagination has been affected by methods discussed in this book There were also passages in this book so beautifully written and ideas expressed so well, I had to re read them What keeps me from giving this book a higher rating is that there was an aura of conceit I found off putting I couldn [...]

    28. Absolutely hilarious at points, and made me feel ill educated at many others along the way It s written in the vein of The Screwtape Letters, so is satirical At times a little hard going, but well worth a read I felt, as other reviewers have noted, a desire to read some of the greats as a result of his interesting references inserted here and there in his argument A good critique of where we are at as a culture The 10 ways he identifies are 1 Keep your children indoors as much as possible 2 Neve [...]

    29. This book is written in the spirit of C.S Lewis s Screwtape Letters, though the disguise is thinner One can often hear the real voice of the author lamenting the non life of the non man of modernity.He presents nine methods for stifling imagination 1 Keep Your Children Indoors as Much as Possible2 Never Leave a Child to Themselves3 Keep Children Away from Machines and Machinists4 Replace the Fairy Tale with Political Cliches and Fads5 Cast Aspersions upon the Heroic and Patriotic6 Cut All Heroes [...]

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