The Chameleon Couch

The Chameleon Couch By Yusef Komunyakaa, The Chameleon Couch A new and intimate collection from one of America s most important poetsThe latest collection from one of our preeminent poets The Chameleon Couch is also one of Yusef Komunyakaa s most personal to d
  • Title: The Chameleon Couch
  • Author: Yusef Komunyakaa
  • ISBN: 9780374120382
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Chameleon Couch By Yusef Komunyakaa, A new and intimate collection from one of America s most important poetsThe latest collection from one of our preeminent poets, The Chameleon Couch is also one of Yusef Komunyakaa s most personal to date As in his breakthrough work, Copacetic, Komunyakaa writes again of music as muse from a blues club in the East Village to the shakuhachi of Basho Beginning with CanticA new and intimate collection from one of America s most important poetsThe latest collection from one of our preeminent poets, The Chameleon Couch is also one of Yusef Komunyakaa s most personal to date As in his breakthrough work, Copacetic, Komunyakaa writes again of music as muse from a blues club in the East Village to the shakuhachi of Basho Beginning with Canticle, this varied new collection often returns to the idea of poem as hymn, ethereal and haunting, as Komunyakaa reveals glimpses of memory, myth, and violence With contemplations that spring up along walks or memories conjured by the rhythms of New York, Komunyakaa pays tribute than ever before to those who came before him.The book moves seamlessly across cultural and historical boundaries, evoking Komunyakaa s capacity for cultural excavation, through artifact and place The Chameleon Couch begins in and never fully leaves the present an urban modernity framed, brilliantly, in pastoral minded verse The poems seek the cracks beneath the landscape, whether New York or Ghana or Poland, finding in each elements of wisdom or unexpected beauty The collection is sensually, beautifully relaxed in rhetoric in poems like Cape Coast Castle, Komunyakaa reminds us of his gift for combining the personal with the universal, one moment addressing a lover, the next moving the focus outward, until both poet and reader are implicated in the book s startling world.
    The Chameleon Couch By Yusef Komunyakaa,
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    1. Yusef Komunyakaa

      Yusef Komunyakaa born April 29, 1947 is an American poet who teaches at New York University and is a member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers Komunyakaa is a recipient of the 1994 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award, for Neon Vernacular and the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry He also received the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize Komunyakaa received the 2007 Louisiana Writer Award for his enduring contribution to the poetry world.His subject matter ranges from the black general experience through rural Southern life before the Civil Rights time period and his experience as a soldier during the Vietnam War from

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    1. It was a fortunate mistake that brought me to this book Because I ve found some amazing and unexpected things from them and even despite having come across a couple of duds I m a sucker for awards of pretty much any kind The Golden Globes convinced me to watch Jane the Virgin , the Man Booker Prize convinced me to read A Brief History of Seven Killings, neither of which really appealed to me before some committee somewhere said that they were good It s a bit of a crutch I ve developed to go for [...]

    2. Finalist for the 2011 National Book Award These are smart poems about life and identity, but I really gravitated toward those with music imagery This is my favorite Ode to the GuitarThe strings tremble traverseback up through that otherstrong muscle singing blood guilt Press a finger down, the message changes into blame beauty, into the scent of a gardenrising from peat moss brimstonee frets shaped neck worked caressed into a phantom limbof hope Does it have anything to dowith how the player s s [...]

    3. It s been a while since I read any poetry by Yusef Komunyakaa I thought The Chameleon Couch abstract and slippery than I remembered his poetry being, or anticipated I found it difficult He addresses the past here, I think He writes about our shifting perspectives of personal histories Some of his themes are classical He acknowledges that such figures as Fortuna, Pan, and Mercury and the ideas of them exist, as do our interpretations of the past, because we re looking at them If we look away the [...]

    4. The Chameleon Couch by Yusef Komunyakaa broken into three sections challenges the mind and the internal rhythm of our souls It challenges our preconceptions about everything from music to what it means to be an African American In the form of aubades and odes, Komunyakaa evokes song throughout the collection, which have readers very focused on how the rhythms of the poems impact them beyond the words spoken The poet is striving to reach not only the logical mind here, but something deeper, ether [...]

    5. This volume is a rare find for me because, I think, to come up with the poems of such mastery, it must have taken Yusef Komunyakaa a lifetime of serious work developing such an elevated degree of rhythm, energy, and maturity and then adding it to his already existing talent The book is divided into three sections Even though each section concentrates mainly on one area of specific awareness, the richness of the images, musicality and powerful, intellectual thought, and the variety of poetic expr [...]

    6. The QualifierPoetry cannot be judged by the same good versus bad qualifiers as general literature plot and character developement For in poetry we see only what we know, feel, and experience It is personal The great poets of the past 200 years, Keats, Frost, Sandburg, Naruda, and Whitman to name a few, are not universally enjoyed It is not because their words are not beautiful or poignant, rather we all live our life just a bit different It is true enough that we all have shared experiences and [...]

    7. The Chameleon Couch, is the latest book by award winning author Yusef Komunyakaa Komunyakaa is from Bogalusa, LA who is known for writing books about the African American experience before the Civil War This particular book is no different from his past works, as he continues to write about black southerners The Chameleon Couch is a collection of works that can be described as beautiful work accompanied by well maintained rage Poetry is known for giving the audience an experience It becomes pers [...]

    8. I agree with R T Smith that this is Komunyakaa s best book since his Pulitzer winning Magic City 1992 , which, followed the next year by Neon Vernacular review show , was released Wesleyan University Press.Why Komunyakaa is our most Antaeus like poet, gathering strength as he moves toward native ground, metaphoric or literal In Blue Dementia, for example, he pushes back, back, back to the Deep South, until he becomes almost a reincarnation of Robert Johnson Today,already I ve seen three dark ski [...]

    9. At his best, Komunyakaa s probably the strongest voice in contemporary American poetry, but it s been a while since he s published a collection that matches Dien Cau Dau, Copacetic, Magic City or Thieves of Paradise The Chameleon Couch maintains a higher level throughout than his last several collections War Horses, Taboo, Talking Dirty to the Gods, Totem But it faded in and out on me a bit, especially in the poems that feel like continuations of personal conversations I don t have enough inform [...]

    10. from Three Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion , pg 48A twisted globe of flesh is held together by whatit pushes againstom Green , pg 78 I ve known of secret graves guardedby the night owl in oak poplarI ve known police dogs on choke chains.I ve known how We Shall Overcome feels on a half broken tongue,from The Window Dresser s Song , pg 106They come from the outer boroughswith endangered songs in their heads.My great flair for hues and stripeswows them on this city sidewalk,poses my mannequins [...]

    11. This is my first Komunyakaa collection to read, and I was only familiar with a few of his poems like Facing It and Slam, Dunk, Hook going into this book Both of these poems are fairly concrete and easy to understand I thought I would get like them in The Chameleon Couch Boy, was I wrong Maybe I m not smart enough to appreciate all the allusions in these poems Or maybe I just like my poetry a little straightforward.My only favorites Ode to the ChameleonEnglishThe Beautiful Quickness of a Street [...]

    12. I m a fan of Yusef, this being of his personal work Not a solid 4 star for my liking but enjoyable poetry from the author My favorites Eclogue at Midnight Ignis Fatuus Dead Reckoning Conceived in a Time of War Unlikely Claims The Beautiful Quickness of a Street Boy Last of the Monkey Gods Gone

    13. These poems are beautifully dangerous They can only be read in small doses I suffered physical pain from the intensity of the poems I could only read them say 4 or 5 at a time without growing short of breath I will have much to say, after I go purchase the entire Komunyakaa canon and consume it, slowly.

    14. I wanted to like these , the language was enticing and the rhythms rolled, but it was entirely over my head I did not feel smart enough to enjoy this collection the way I think the poet intended.

    15. Why did it take me so long to read works other than Facing It from Komunyakaa I did the quiet poetry oh my god after so many lines, stanzas, and poems of this book He blends Greek mythology, personal history, and blues into a stunning canticle.

    16. Excellent book by Komunyakaa, selected as a finalist in this year s Griffin International Awards Komunyakaa often surprises with his phrasing and timing This is my favourite of his books that I ve read.

    17. Every book by Komunyakaa is great This one is not his most memorable, but that s because his good books get drowned out by his awesome ones.

    18. Though the book was not exactly my taste and thus was not entirely finished, do not let that be a reflection on the objectively well crafted and poignant prose it contains.

    19. I loved getting lost in this world crossing volume filled with fresh images and Komunyakaa s signature rhythm.

    20. Komunyakaa is one of my favorite poets I own several of his books I think this one was inspired by a trip to Europe Beautiful language and strong subject matter as is his forte.

    21. An amazing collection of poetry Both moody and dark as well as lighthearted All intelligent poems Beautiful.

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