Carl Goes Shopping

Carl Goes Shopping By Alexandra Day, Carl Goes Shopping When Carl is told to mind the baby at a department store the faithful Rottweiler and his little friend do some mischievous exploring
  • Title: Carl Goes Shopping
  • Author: Alexandra Day
  • ISBN: 9780374311018
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Board Book
  • Carl Goes Shopping By Alexandra Day, When Carl is told to mind the baby at a department store, the faithful Rottweiler and his little friend do some mischievous exploring.
    Carl Goes Shopping By Alexandra Day,
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      493 Alexandra Day
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    1. Alexandra Day

      Alexandra Day is the pseudonym for Sandra Louise Woodward Darling She is the author of Good Dog, Carl and the rest of the beloved Carl books, including Carl Goes Shopping, Carl s Christmas, Carl s Birthday and Carl s Snowy Afternoon Darling was born in 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a large and close knit family Painting was a popular family recreation, and almost every family excursion included one or easels and a variety of sketch pads, chalks, paints, and pencils For four years, the family lived on a hundred acre farm in Kentucky Here young Sandra grew especially fond of riding and training horses, and became a dog owner for the first time Living in the country also provided plenty of time for reading, a life long passion.Sandra illustrated her first book in 1983 The Teddy Bears Picnic, a popular children s song by Jimmy Kennedy That same year, she was visiting Zurich, Switzerland, when she came across a volume of old German picture sheets, one of which featured a poodle playing with a baby who was supposed to be taking a nap This image proved the inspiration for Good Dog, Carl The Darlings own dog, a Rottweiler named Toby, was the model for the book s main character Since then, two other Darling Rottweilers have posed as Carl in the seven sequels the late Arambarri, who was named for one of the Darlings favorite jai alai players and Zabala, who currently moonlights as an Our Best Friend therapy dog, visiting hospitals to cheer patients.About her work Sandra says I think that one of the reasons my illustrations have appealed to people is that they can sense my sincerity I know that marvels exist which are just outside our ordinary experience, but that at any moment we may turn a corner and encounter one of them Children also believe this, and because they and I have this conviction in common, we, as creator and audience, make good partners Sandra lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Haroldcmillan author alexan

    324 thoughts on “Carl Goes Shopping”

    1. Picture book based on paintings to show the different things that children could find attractive during their trip to a department store The paintings are very simple and easy to understand for little children Few vocabulary is used, so it could be use to encourage the children to use their voice to describe the story of the book Ages 2 5.

    2. This book is interesting and is sort of like one of my past me It s interesting because the dog takes the baby to a store exploration of food, clothing, and other types of stores This could also remind or let others know that the dog must be leashed tight and that the dog won t run off or escape The most interesting fact is that dogs have the ability to take care of children I was taken care of by a dog when I was born and have treated the dog as a guardian or close friend until the day my dog p [...]

    3. This is a brilliant picture book for children of all ages The plot was hilarious and the illustrations were captivating Although there are very few words, this book can be used for older children to help build their inferring skills This is truly a great read It has found it s way to my top 10 favorite children s book.

    4. I love this book, because it teaches children how to be responsible This book is a fun book for all children to read even for the little ones who don t know how to read yet This book is perfect for children to develop their imagination This picture book is perfect for toddlers and for the parents to read to their children.

    5. I like all the Carl books we ve read so far and how the illustrations tell the story than the words I also like the way they place a kinder light on a stereotyped breed of dogs These storylines do encourage mischief however, I ll keep renting Day s books from the library because the illustrations are gorgeous and my boys sit and watch me turn the pages as if they are watching a video.

    6. This is a great picture book for children of all ages The plot is hilarious and the illustrations were captivating It teaches children how to be responsible The book has few words so it could be a good selection for building vocabulary for young children However, it can be used for older children to help build their inferring skills.

    7. My 12 month old loved it There are so few words so I pointed out each picture explained what they are doing maybe I exaggerated a bit and she just laughed and laughed The artwork is just perfect and we are definitely going to be a Carl family

    8. I forgot that Carl books had no words This is excellent for emerging readers because they can invent to story Every time they read the story it can be different The dog taking care of the child can also help some children who may have a fear of dogs to over come the fear.

    9. Great Illustrations It shows pet and baby bonding Could make up your own story as you look at the pictures not very wordy.

    10. SO CUTE Although I must say that in one drawing the baby is shown looking directly at the reader.dat baby looks a tad ugly lol just being honest

    11. Good picture book to allow children to make up the story or tell the story how they want to tell it I remember this book from when I was little and it gave me appreciation for dogs.

    12. I don t know if it s just my preference, but I enjoy books that tell a story with words instead of just pictures.The illustrations in this book are beautiful, however.

    13. This book has a lot of humor and objects that stand out to children to keep them interested The mall is the most exciting place for any child at any age because there are so many bright, and hands on objects to see Carl was a very curious pet dog but he made sure he kept up with his friend, mother s baby Carl is the most responsible dog I have ever met or read about He was able to get back on time, which shows that dogs and other animals have great time management and are a baby s and humans bes [...]

    14. Alexandra Day s Carl Goes Shopping is absolutely wonderful It was everything that one would expect from a dog in a department store silly, funny, and a little mischievous Carl is asked to take care of the baby while Mother shops, but Carl does a little than take care of the baby, he takes the baby on an adventure With very few words only those spoken by the mother , Carl s adventure is told through beautifully painted pictures and illustrations We see Carl and the baby visit the toy section, th [...]

    15. Carl Goes Shopping is a wordless book with exception to the first and last pages of the story The first page entails a mother saying to Carl, a Rottweiler, I have to go upstairs to get Aunt Martha s curtains Take good care of the baby, Carl The setting is a fancy department store While mother goes to get the curtains, Carl and the baby explore and discover the store Carl picks up the baby by the back of the shirt or gives the baby rides on his back He watches over the baby while the baby plays i [...]

    16. This book is adorable It s almost a wordless picture book with the exception of three sentences spoken from the mother It could be used to spark creativity and imagination to create the story The illustrations are nice and they show a pet s love and protection for its owners.Extension Activity After reading this book to the class I would discuss with them the meaning of being responsible for taking care of others I would ask the children with younger sibblings and pets to name some things they d [...]

    17. I really enjoy this book It is mainly a picture book with simply a few sentences at the beginning of the book and one sentence at the end I ve read other Carl books and most of these books end the same, with the last sentence being the same Having it say Good dog, Carl on the very last page During class while learning about the Caldecott award I was thinking, like hoping that one of these books had won the Caldecott during a year However after reading the criteria for the award I realized that [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this picture book This book is full of illustrations and although it has very few words the pictures tell the whole story This book also shows a delightful relationship between a baby and her dog Reading this book with children could be fun and entertaining They can help tell the story and predict what will come next by looking at the pictures Even though it has very few words, this book can be used to discuss different types of dogs children that their are different types of do [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this book Although it has very few words the pictures tell the whole story This would be a fun book to read with children They can help tell the story by looking at the pictures and they can predict what will come next This book also shows an adorable relationship between a baby and her dog This book can teach children that their are diffrent types of dogs, for instance you can explain that the dog in this book is called a rottweiler Wow, another word for the children s vocabula [...]

    20. The author of the book Carl Goes Shopping is Alexandra Day This is her pseudonym, and her real name is Sandra Louise Woodward Darling The illustration of the book is made by Alexandra as well Carl Goes Shopping is well illustrated pictured book It is about the very smart dog and very little baby, and about how the dog takes the baby n the shopping center and they have fun in toy section, in the library section, in the electronics etc Then they get hungry and the dog finds a sample food for the B [...]

    21. Carl Goes Shopping by Alexandra Day A picture book no words A mother was getting ready to go home after shopping at the mall She remembers she need to go upstairs,and get some curtains She asked her dog to take good care of the baby who was in a stroller The baby sat down in the stroller and stretched his hand and touched the dog The baby sat on the dog s back.First they went to toy store, the baby played with different toys.Later went to a hat store they got a scarf,mittens and a hat.The baby w [...]

    22. This book is adorable It s almost a wordless picture book with the exception of three sentences spoken from the mother The illustration is surprising and direct Carl is the baby body guard The baby get out of the baby carriage to sit with Carl to travel around the department store Carl the dog is patience, caring, and loving to the baby Carl protects the baby and the baby reads a book to Carl, then goes to clothing to video department to get video to see each other in the television Carl and the [...]

    23. I love this book I love how is so vivid in illustration It gives the person reading the story ample amounts of concepts to display as they read This is a classic picture book I loved how the dog and the baby went on a little adventure I hove how the dog catered to the little baby and protected her This is a sweet way to introduce pets in the home Only to show that pets are loving and caring I loved how once Carl and the little baby got into a little trouble he rescued her and returned back as th [...]

    24. Carl, who is a lovable Rottweiler, is told to watch the baby when his owner needs to go up the escalator to the second floor in a department store This wordless picture book depicts Carl s adventures with the baby unbeknownst to the baby s mother Grades K 2Themes Dogs, babies, mischiefClassroom use As this is a wordless picture book, the teacher and students could come up with text for each of the pages based on the illustrations The students could imagine an alternate ending to the book What wo [...]

    25. I was ready to read this book but yet my surprise is that it doesn t have many words to read The story is understandable even with out words in it I am not a dog fan and I will not leave my baby alone with a Rottweiler The mother is being negligent with the baby and dog Maybe the point is to show that a dog can take care of a person, it shows loyalty and caring and yes there are many cases of that For me is not a educational book in my opinion but yet every head is a different world I give it a [...]

    26. After reading the first page I thought, this is going to be a good book But I was surprised to discover that the rest of the pages had no words Then I realized that just because this book does not have words does not make it lame This gives the story teller an opportunity to introduce new words to the listeners each time the story is told In addition, the story can be told from a different perspective each time Each makes the book interesting It encourages students to pay close attention to the [...]

    27. I will rate this a 5 as the pictures are awesome and well illustrated.Except for the first and last page where Mom talks to Carl asking him to take xare of the baby and thanking him,the rest of the pages illustrate what Carl does with the baby while Mom is shopping.Extraordinary illustration add interest to young children who can flip the pages and read what Carl is up to Learning Experience I will have dollar store items available to children along with play money so children can purchase an it [...]

    28. I was very surprised to see that this book had very minimal words It is illustrated so that children can look at the pictures and be able to tell what the story is about This book can be used when the children are learning about pets, the five senses or love This was a delightful book.Learnig activity We will discuss all the senses Carl used in the story As a class we will create our own words to the book as it relates to the senses Ex The baby touched Carl s fuzzy ear Each child will contribute [...]

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