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Valeria's Cross By Kathi Macias, Valeria s Cross In the rd century pampered Roman princess Valeria falls in love with Mauritius captain of the Theban Legion She sends him off to battle where he suffers under the schemes of a notorious pagan gene
  • Title: Valeria's Cross
  • Author: Kathi Macias
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  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Valeria's Cross By Kathi Macias, In the 3rd century, pampered Roman princess Valeria falls in love with Mauritius, captain of the Theban Legion She sends him off to battle, where he suffers under the schemes of a notorious pagan general with an ambition for power and a lust for Valeria In a scene based on true events, the evil Galerius kills Mauritius and his entire legion for their Christian faith AndIn the 3rd century, pampered Roman princess Valeria falls in love with Mauritius, captain of the Theban Legion She sends him off to battle, where he suffers under the schemes of a notorious pagan general with an ambition for power and a lust for Valeria In a scene based on true events, the evil Galerius kills Mauritius and his entire legion for their Christian faith And in a shocking turn of events, the grieving Valeria is forced to become Galerius wife against her will Never has a marriage been set up for such failure Valeria loathes her new husband, but he seems to undergo a change of heart, adopting a child for her and giving her power and authority, and even love She struggles with the commitment she knows she must keep, and the love she knows she will never find again.
    Valeria's Cross By Kathi Macias,
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      You are here Home About KathiAbout Kathi0019 Kathi Macias EDITED emailed 2 Kathi Macias is a multi award winning writer who has authored nearly 40 books and ghostwritten several others A former newspaper columnist and string reporter, Kathi has taught creative and business writing in various venues and has been a guest on many radio and television programs Kathi is a popular speaker at churches, women s clubs and retreats, and writers conferences She won the 2008 Member of the Year award from AWSA Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and was the 2011 Author of the Year from BooksandAuthors Her novel set in China, Red Ink, was named Golden Scrolls 2011 Novel of the Year and was also a Carol Award Finalist her October 2012 release, Unexpected Christmas Hero, was named 2012 Book of the Year by BookandAuthors Kathi Easy Writer Macias lives in Homeland, CA, with her husband.Kathi is passionate about The Voice of the Martyrs and Open Doors To learn about the persecuted church, please visit VOM s website and Open Doors Website

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    1. My first inspirational, and my last The research is extraordinarily choppy, and the authors run the characters like puppets Most of them have changes of heart attitude that make no sense at all I m amazed how an author or two can run such an interesting premise so completely into the ground Also, France or girls with the name Colette didn t really exist in 200 300 AD NOT recommended as a historical, and overall not recommended unless you need a Christian fix I m very tempted to write a book cove [...]

    2. Valeria s Cross is an incredible tale set during a time period when being a Christian could be deadly I ve read several books in the past year from the same time period such as Guardian of the Flame and Cleopatra s Daughter, and this book surpasses them all Full of passion for people and for the Lord, this story really takes a look at Valeria s life and her purpose during that tumultuous period in history Though a fictional account, I found Valeria s Cross to be very believable The struggles and [...]

    3. I don t really know what to think about this book I m going to rate it one star for now because it just gave me an empty feeling For one, Valeria and her mother didn t seem very strong in their faith secretly made the sign of the cross while the practiced pagan sacrifices , and in the end, they weren t even actually martyred for the faith Oh, not to mention, the beheadings were in a little too much gory detail for me I don t know it s like, if you re going to make the main character die in the e [...]

    4. I was pretty disappointed in this book But I ll get to that in a minute I had no idea that this book was based on true events and people I thought it was completely fiction However, I still thought that the writing could have been a little better Especially at the beginning you were told things that were happening in Valeria s life rather than experiencing them with her It was a little like listening to a speaker who talked in a monologue You were told things a little impassively and that didn t [...]

    5. Didn t like it The writing could have been better Her first love was a man she knew virtually nothing about, they loved the idea of each other, you have to know someone to have a deep and meaningful relationship What they had was a strong attraction to each other with the potential to develop into love The main character was continuously doing things that might be valued today, but would have been extremely rude in her time It was hard to believe In the beginning of the book she could have been [...]

    6. Talk about heart renching, heart warming, and heart breaking all rolled into one gripping story A few things to caution this is for an older teen group as there are non descriptive, just obvious, scenes of consummation of a couples marriage, the desire temptation to commit adultery, and a disease that takes place on the private parts of a man not descriptive just known but it was an amazing story After about 2 3 through it it began to read like a history book rather than a novel, but a big 5 sta [...]

    7. This book was new for me because I generally don t read historical fiction, although I love history I wasn t sure what to expect, but what I found was myself being sucked back into time and into Valeria s heart and mind I screamed inside with outrage when one thing after another happened unfairly I kept thinking things will change I know it But they never did in ways I expected However, it only made me love the story .I cringed at Galerius, yet found myself loving him and then hating him again a [...]

    8. SUMMARY In the 3rd century, pampered Roman princess Valeria falls in love with Mauritius, captain of the Theban Legion She sends him off to battle, where he suffers under the schemes of a notorious pagan general with an ambition for power and a lust for Valeria In a scene based on true events, the evil Galerius kills Mauritius and his entire legion for their Christian faith And in a shocking turn of events, the grieving Valeria is forced to become Galerius wife against her will Never has a marri [...]

    9. This book did a fantastic job setting the stage and making you believe you were there with Valeria living what the early church went through I felt her pain as she heard the news about Mauritius and his entire legion being killed for their faith Even telling, I felt the misgivings and pain of the soldier ordered to kill Mauritius Nothing is black or white in this story world Valeria hates what her father has done, but worries about his health and cares about him and wants him to accept Christ Y [...]

    10. There were a few spelling grammatical errors next book I ll take note of where, etc My interests are listed on netgalley as Christian, Historical, Romance, and a few others Just so you know a bit about me, I m a devoted Jane Austen fan, love Mary Connealy s humor and spunk, and love Julie Lessman s and Deeanne Gist s hotness factor to coin a phrase from my dear friend, Angie I really tend to see things like a movie in my head as I m reading Although the description listed with this book appears [...]

    11. Valeria, daughter of Roman Emperor Diocletian, accepts Christ and denies the false gods worshipped by her father She then falls in love with Mauritius, captain of the Theban Legion, who also worships the one true God But a third century woman, even a princess, has little power over her own life In a devastating series of events, Mauritius is killed by Diocletian s general, Galerius, who hates Christians and wants Valeria for himself Crushed by the death of the man she loves, the young woman is f [...]

    12. VALERIA S CROSS by Kathi Macias and Susan Wales is a inspirational historical set during the Roman Empire era It is well written with depth and details It has courage, faith, hope, adventure, persecution of Christian s, martyrs, betrayal, the Roman Empire, sacrifice, Christianity, history, fear, following your faith, finding your destiny,hate, practicing the pagan faith, an emperor s daughter,Valeria, his wife, Prisca and a forced marriage between his daughter and a pagan general Valeria is forc [...]

    13. I was not quite sure how I felt about this book when I first began reading it As I have read in other reviews, I did feel that the story was dictated to me almost like a textbook instead of experiencing the events with Valeria I was disappointed in the cut throat transformation given for Prisca and Valeria s conversion to Christianity, for example I was enlightened when Maruitius came into the story, and then disheartened once he was no longer there I did not find a true interest in the story un [...]

    14. 3.5 5Valeria se enamora de Mauritius, el capit n de la Legi n Tebana soldados del imperio romano, pertenecientes a Egipto l se enamora de ella tambi n, sin embargo, Mauritius sabe que al emperador no le gustar que el marido de su hija sea un simple capit n, as que se va a la guerra para servir a Roma y con el buen desempe o en el campo de batalla, el emperador Diocletan no podr negarle la mano de su hija Valeria en matrimonio El General Galerius se sinti atra do por la peque a Valeria desde que [...]

    15. I don t like it when a book is written in a way that over explains things The dialogue was choppy and ungraceful most of the time What kept me reading, though, is the fascinating storyline Your lover is killed by a ruthless general and you are forced to marry this general shortly afterwards Can you imagine This is a time where woman had no voice, so she couldn t just walk away and say No, although, kudos to her for trying I believe the description of this book is a little misleading as there is [...]

    16. I recieved a copy from netgalleyI can hardly believe that this is a fiction book The events were portrayed so accurately that it did seem like they were real From the very first page I was intrigued by this book and it didn t take me very long to finish as I just wanted to find out what was going to happen next There seems to be real emotions between the characters that this gives the book a depth of reality This connection is especially strong between Valeria and Galerius.I loved how the author [...]

    17. This book wasting It was a neat read, but I had a hard time staying in the book At times I felt like I was reading a history book instead of a historical fiction, and I often found myself towards the end of the book to skim the pages as I searched for the continuation to the story A lot of history, which in and of itself isnt badbut I had a hard time staying interested Often times i felt that the story was very impersonal People were killed people dear to Valeria, the main character and it told [...]

    18. This is a tough book to talk about I was so completed riveted throughout the book, but I was also completely depressed In a book that is almost nothing but sad events, I always like the sadness to be broken up a little bit here and there with something That something can be romance there was some but it was all at the beginning , humor, whatever, but Valeria s Cross didn t let up, there was practically no time to catch a breathNow all that being said, this book is good That s why I feel so torn, [...]

    19. This book covers an under researched and under utilized era of church history the era between the early Christians of the 1st century and the fall of Rome In fact until Paul L Maier s Flames of Roem Nero era and the Thoene A.D Chronicles, there are few other novels set in this era, and those afore mentioned tend to be earlier So I really liked the premise I did feel at times the actual story telling had moments of falling into telling the reader that Valeria felt this or that not showing me so I [...]

    20. The story itself is sad, heartbreaking, and goodI ve heard it was based on a true story as well But the way the characters emotions are portrayed drove me nuts and that s why the book is getting such a low rating The emotions are all over the map, sounding like a rant of oh he s a monsterI love him thoughhe s such a monster, I ll never love him againoh I love him anyway Guh And I understand faith was hard in the days of persecution, not easy like we have it nowbut the up and down responses of Va [...]

    21. I downloaded this as a free Kindle book The premise of the book intrigued me and I figured at the price, I didn t have anything to lose I was truly surprised at how involved I became in Valeria s story I actually found myself tearing up at times, which generally doesn t happen with me.As a Christian, I was both proud and ashamed at how the followers of Christ handled themselves during this part of our history it was very humbling to have a little closest look at what it might have been like to l [...]

    22. I don t usually give books two stars But this book attempted too much at once The characters had unrealistic changes of heart within a matter of paragraphs, and overall, I felt like I was reading a historical account with some dialogue and thoughts thrown in to make it sound like a narrative The descriptions were particularly vague, and the parts that contained Scripture felt cheapened by the rest of the book Unfortunately, I would not recommend this book to anybody.Perhaps I should not have rea [...]

    23. Intense Long, because it covers her life from 14 to death One thing I would have wished for was her age often for a reference of how much time was passing Time was a bit vague through the book I found this frustratingI would give this four stars normally but am going five because of the way the feelings and emotional confusion were captured to a T on how a Christian wife praying for, loving and yet fearing her violent sinful husband lives in a constant state of not even understanding how she ca [...]

    24. This is a great emotional roller coaster book I started and could not put it down There were several grammatical errors A couple of places here and there you felt like the Author was telling the story and next paragraph it was Valeria The Authors did a great job of making you feel the emotions of love, happiness and much sadness in the writing of this book Makes you feel the love between Mother and Daughter and sadness for the Christian Faith If you love Historical Romance involving the evolutio [...]

    25. This is a good novel if you want to understand about the early Christian church The authors seem to have really done their research into that time period and the people I found parts of the novel to drag on though and the elapsing of time could ve been done better as times it was confusing to realize that oh, we re now 1 week, a few years, or even several years into the future Also, the novel tends to tell the story rather than show it it could have been better edited and developed in that aspe [...]

    26. A good read her story is based on the trials and tribulations a woman of nobility faced in trying to keep the honor of her family name even when she knows that many things go against her very core of belief Sad read that brings to light a christian woman plight in a time when Christians are brutishly persecuted for their beliefs It shows the darker side of the human nature and earlier civilizations I do feel the character could have had substance she seemed intelligent enough but the story ofte [...]

    27. This novel, which is based upon history as far as I could research, details the lives of Valeria daughter and wife Prisca of Diocletian, the Roman emperor who lived from AD 245 313 Diocletian was a pagan worshiper of the Roman Gods, and his mother served as the central goddess in the temple of Jupiter Diocletian and his mother persecuted Christians, so the story was very interesting, as his wife and daughter became Christians and were martyed at the end The Catholic Church and Foxes Book of Mart [...]

    28. I loved this book from the beginning to the end Not very often do you get books of martyred Christian women and Valeria s Cross is just that.Valeria is the daughter of an Emperor and the wife of Caesar who later becomes Emperor But that just makes it harder for as she is a Christian and her husband and father are not.Anyone who wants to enjoy a history lesson and learn of how women s lives were during the 250 330 B.C years.I am glad I got this book and it will grace my shelves for years to come [...]

    29. This time period is hit or miss for me This story was just okay for me I felt the scenery descriptions were lacking in richness, and descriptions of the culture were a little too tame to be accurate, even though this is Christian fiction, it could have included of the Roman s heinous actions I did like most of the characters Although, I found Valeria to be flighty, Prisca to be overbearing, and the men to be almost barbaric in their actions I did admire their faith in the midst of all the turmo [...]

    30. As much as I wish I could have loved this book the cover caught my eye and drew me in , after the first fifty pages I felt as if I were reading the script of something that high schoolers might perform at a Bible camp.The dialog was jilted and the descriptions, while nicely written, reminded me of something that a good student might write while researching the period I m not rating this book because I hate to be the bad guy in a little lake of good reviews, but seriously I expected .

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