Willow By Linda Lael Miller, Willow Beautiful and resilient Willow would choose which way love would steer heart Montana was a wide open lawless land when the golden haired Willow married Gideon a railroad magnate turned U S Marshal T
  • Title: Willow
  • Author: Linda Lael Miller
  • ISBN: 9780671737733
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • Willow By Linda Lael Miller, Beautiful and resilient, Willow would choose which way love would steer heart Montana was a wide open, lawless land when the golden haired Willow married Gideon a railroad magnate turned U.S Marshal Their union was tempestuous and passionate, a mating of two fiery, strong willed souls destined for each other.But Willow s love for her husband was matched by her devotBeautiful and resilient, Willow would choose which way love would steer heart.Montana was a wide open, lawless land when the golden haired Willow married Gideon a railroad magnate turned U.S Marshal Their union was tempestuous and passionate, a mating of two fiery, strong willed souls destined for each other.But Willow s love for her husband was matched by her devotion to her outlaw brother, a renegade pursued by a man sworn to hunt him down Gideon Willow had to choosee could betray her own kin, or risk everything even the love she had dreamed of all her life to save him.
    Willow By Linda Lael Miller,
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      207 Linda Lael Miller
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    1. Linda Lael Miller

      The daughter of a town marshal, LINDA LAEL MILLER is a 1 New York Times bestselling author of than 100 historical and contemporary novels, most of which reflect her love of the West The First Lady of the West lives outside Spokane, Washington, where her rescued horses, dogs and cats live the high life.Published since 1983, Linda was awarded the prestigious Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 by the Romance Writers of America She was recently inducted into the Wild West Heritage Foundation s Walk of Fame for her dedication to preserving the heritage of the Wild West.Hallmark Channel is developing a series based on Miller s Big Sky Country novels, published by HQN Books In addition to writing contemporary cowboy romances, she is working furiously on a big book Civil War series for Harlequin When not writing, Linda loves to focus her creativity on a wide variety of art projects.More information about Linda and her novels is available at lindalaelmiller and at facebook OfficialLindaLaelMiller

    707 thoughts on “Willow”

    1. As one of LLM s avid readers I was a bit disappointed It was an easy read, predictable from the first pages I usually read a book in two days nights if I really like it but it took me a while to get into this one I kept reading a few pages and my mind would drift away, unable to keep interest into the subject The love story is set in Montana Territory back in 1883 The main characters are typical Ms Miller s books the hero striking good looking and the heroine a very young stubborn, hellcat to ci [...]

    2. All the pieces were there for a great romance, however they somehow failed to come together The characters behave strangely and inconsistently The imagery is very well done I could clearly see these characters in my minds eye, as well as the town they were in However my overall feeling towards this novel is that of frustration.I give it a 2.5 stars out of 5.P.S This reminds me a little of Song of the Willow by Charlotte McPherren which is a much enjoyable read.

    3. Devlin Gallagher married Chastity They had a son, Steven She ran off with an outlaw, Jay Forbes when Steven was 7 Devlin tried to find him and found Chastity 4 years later He slept with her but still got no information about the whereabouts of Steven Devlin had met and married widow Evadne Jessup Marshall during the 7 years after Chastity left Evadne had two sons, Zachary and Gideon The boys would lose their inheritance if they were to leave San Francisco so they were not raised by Devlin or Eva [...]

    4. Things I liked It reminded me of watching westerns with my daddy Someone else passed along a book she liked.The female leads held their own against the men.The relationships and history between characters in the story were interesting.Things I didn t like All the heroes of the story were physically flawless, unrealistically beautiful and or chiseled Disturbingly, almost all of the less important or bad guy characters were ugly, plain, and or stunk Pretty sure people of the time period would have [...]

    5. Willow by Linda MillerWestern Sept 28th, 20103 StarsAt first, I thought this book was strange It deals with the main heroine falling in love with her step brother I guess once I got over that, then this book is good though complicated Willow is the name of the main character Her father, Devlin Gallagher, married a woman who already has two sons, Zachary and Gideon When her father Devlin met his ex wife, Chastity, their passionate response resulted in Willow s existence.Willow has a school girl c [...]

    6. This book was a great story It was long and not over detailed, there were no parts that I wished would hurry up and get to the point At first I was confused with the characters but reading thru I understood The only flaws it has is the very end, I would of liked willow to tell Gideon about Zachary and what happened to him after that night Also I was disappointed willow never out rightly told Gideon that she was pregnant instead of the eighth months later the baby names were stupid it would of ma [...]

    7. Okay, so this book was very good if I so say so myself I really enjoy a good historical romance every once in a while because it really does transport you to a different time and place I loved everything about this novel and the characters I loved how Gideon had this hard exterior but wasn t afraid to show a softer side when he was with Willow And Willow truly earned the nickname Hell Cat She is a real spitfire and one of those tough to tame types, but innocent at the same time There was a part [...]

    8. Was a good story Had a predictable ending but the story had a plot, characters that were believable and kept me interested Willow about to get married when Gideon stops the wedding It seems that 2 years ago Gideon and his brother played a joke on willow and pretended like they were getting married but it was no joke They were really married Gideon finds out and comes to see willow and is also looking for her brother who is an outlaw, Lots of characters in the story and several love stories going [...]

    9. I loved this book, its was a fast read, and it kept me on my toes after not reading much romance for many years because of how sometimes I want my endings to be like this, but knowing life is like it when married like how it was with Willow and Gideon Those two were my favorite characters, and it seemed realistic to life, than any other book I have read in along time for a girl who lives in Suburbia and wanting the country life, and who has a country heart I loved this book, and it didn t take [...]

    10. I am so glad I have read many of LLM s books before this one or I would have never picked up another one It had all the makings of a great love story but totally fell flat Willow hates Gideon on one page and is telling him she loves him on the next There were some nice touches to the normal plot Devlin has a mistress, the spurned fianc jumps a train to the west, nobody wants to marry their betrothedbut it wasn t enough to recommend it.

    11. Willow is a historical western romance story Willow is a headstrong, woman who is torn by divided loyalties between her husband railroad baron Gideon Marshall and her outlaw brother Steven She has a habit of making wrong choices, which she manages to get out of danger, every time Probably, because Ms Miller writes the story that way She wasn t believable all the time But the story was a no brainer, and it had the typical happy ending.

    12. You can tell this is an enhanced version of earlier book You see Miller s style coming through, and then you hit a spot that is so much improved that it is almost like reading a different book.Basic tale Young woman torn between her husband, a lawman, and her brother, an outlaw Both siblings end with a HEA.

    13. Not a favorite of mine it took me forever to get into the story and once in it, I did not find that I cared about any of the characters or what happened to them The male characters were all chauvinists and the women in the story were to saccharine and played to many coy games I frequently enjoy Linda Lael Miller s book, but not this one Just never got into it.

    14. I always enjoy Linda Lael Miller s western romance books True to form Willow was filled with all the antics and spunky characters as per norm However, I wish when she added the back stories she would have gone in to detail I would have liked to see Daphne and Steven s relationship blossom.

    15. I received this book in a bag full of historical romances from a friend I don t think I would have picked it up on my own but I am glad I read it It was an easy summer read I will pass it along to the next historical romance lover.

    16. This one was a fun little book, though I can t give it favorite status I did enjoy the read I always enjoy LLM s writing style and pretty much devour anything she puts out I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.

    17. This was another good read by one of my favorite authors but it didn t go over a 3 star for me, based on the games the two main characters played on each other I ve never been a fan of that kind of thing

    18. Book was OK but definitely a romance novel which I didn t know when I started it Now, I have nothing against a good romance novel but not one that hinges on similarity to Harquelin romance novels I did finish it because I had to see how it ended, although that was pretty obvious.

    19. The romantic aspects of this book were good, but the overall story failed to keep my attention the way I like The story of Daphne Steven didn t go anywhere And their wedding just diappeared It went from Steven s proposal to their dad s wedding What the heck

    20. One of those books you get hooked in reading because you want to know how the main characters finally get together, after the many fights and things that happen you had to find out if their love could survive it Was fantastic.

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